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Annual Report for Petersfield Town Chaplaincy 2014

After our initial training in Autumn 2011 we now have 21 Chaplains, from many of the PACT churches. Three years later and we have brought a consistent presence to the centre of Petersfield, at the Wednesday and Saturday Markets and at the Farmers Market.

Our work has been to provide support and a listening ear for Market traders, who are often on their own, dealing with all the issues of life, whilst trying to run a business.
Shops in Rams walk have been regularly visited and we are always welcomed by the managers and assistants. More recently we have had a team visiting Pages Court.

All the Chaplains describe their delight at providing a listening ear, a short chat or even a shoulder to cry on. Many have offered to pray for loved ones or for those who need healing.

You will often see the fluorescent jackets of Chaplains helping at Town events, such as Remembrance Sunday.

Nearly two years ago we participated in the National Chaplaincy Conference, along with about sixty other projects. It was brilliant to learn from other people's experience and, since then, the National Alliance of Town and City Chaplaincies has been formed. John Ide and I are part of the steering group, sharing good practice, ready to help other areas set up their own Town Chaplaincies.

Whereas cities such as Luton have paid Chaplains Petersfield is leading the way modelling a volunteer set up.

The skills of listening and caring are so useful in every Christian's life and we are always keen to offer anyone who is interested, two or three evening sessions. Please contact me via my email
or ring 01730 266220

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