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Annual Report for Theophostic Prayer Ministry 2014

Our work with the ministry has progressed steadily throughout the year with many wonderful outcomes for those seeking release from the effects of damaging and painful experiences from the past. This releasing is often achieved in stages and it is truly amazing to see the Lord’s masterful timing with each individual.

During the year Lis Scott and Tricia Ide have led a small team who have now trained in the ministry. This has been a very rewarding experience to see the team members grow in confidence and knowledge of our Lord Jesus and His unfailing devotion to bring all to healing and wholeness through His Care, Comfort and Love. It is such a privilege to watch Him at work.

Tricia has very recently attended a conference in London to find out more about a Ministry which has grown through and out of Theophostic Prayer and is planning to get together with leaders to present the concepts with a view to possibly using this new approach alongside the knowledge and experience we have gained through Theophostic Prayer. There are some outstanding benefits to be gained Praise Him. More of this later…

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