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Annual Report for the PACT Food Bank 2014

Details of how to donate and receive food are available on the PACT Web Site along with regular updates in the reports of meetings of The Social Concerns Committee.

The figures for the year, compared with 2011, 2012 ad 2013 are shown below and clearly indicate that there was an increased yearly demand.

      2011     2012    2013   2014
Number of food issues 139 207 249 234
Number of people helped 418 487 542 566

The Food Bank, in its present form started in September 2010 and since then, and up to 1 January 2015, 884 issues of food have been made, assisting a total of 2063 people

The number of organisations and contacts asking for the issue of food has risen since last year. Examples are Children’s Services from both Havant and Waterlooville working with families from Petersfield.

Many sums of money continue to be donated, this means that some fresh food can be purchased and added to the normal issue when the circumstances permit. Tesco’s gift tokens, purchased with money donated, can be given if the situation warrants it. In 2014 we gave out £900 in gift tokens.

Earlier in the year CURVES in the Festival Hall, once again, did a collection of food on behalf of the Food Bank.

For five weeks prior to the New Year Waitrose of Petersfield had an in store collection point for the food bank. An astonishing amount of food made storage a problem. I would like to thank the band of ladies who turned out on Monday mornings to help label and sort the food donations.

The Bordon Messenger again collected for food banks in the area. We received a magnificent two van loads as our share. I would particularly like to thank new donors who gave for the first time this year, Whitman Laboratories, Blendworth Furnishings, Estee Lauder, Sage (UK) and Bedales Junior School. I can’t thank everyone in this report but letters of thanks were sent out at the time. I also thank the regular donors who have kept the bank going throughout the year. It is a credit to you all that I have never had any difficulty in supplying people’s needs.

The Harvest Festival period boosted food supplies as in previous years with both churches and schools playing their parts.
So many people have contributed food, money or time to the Food Bank this year, many anonymously. The Bishop of Portsmouth sent us £750, and a gentleman who will remain nameless who for the third year in a row donated his winter fuel allowance. I would like to thank you all, on behalf of the hundreds of people who have received the benefit of your generosity.
It is my intention to stand down from running the Food Bank, on the 31st August 2015, after 5 years in the manager’s position. If you are able to take on this role or be a member of a team taking over the role please let the PACT Chairman and/or myself know so that it can be done in good time. Please speak to me if you wish any further details.

Brian Edwards
Food Bank Manager


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