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Annual Report for Prayer Impact 2013

Prayer Impact groups continued to meet in order to pray with their neighbours, for their neighbours throughout 2013.

If you are a member of an active group, if you were a member of an active group, if you'd like to join a group or you'd like to form a group please contact

Please visit the Prayer Impact web site: for more details and to download copies of leaflets that will help explain what is involved. Sorry, these will all contain the old PACT logo!

Many people were encouraged by learning about the Neighbourhood Prayer Network at the Prayer Meeting in Wembley in 2012. This aims to see every street in the UK covered in Christian prayer. They hope to encourage as many Christians as possible to not only pray, but get to know their neighbours.

Neighbourhood Prayer Network have produced some excellent material to help achieve their aim and you will also find lots of information on the Neighbourhood Prayer Network web site.

Prayer Impact picnic by Petersfield Lake, June 2008If you are interested in become involved in the re-launch of Prayer Impact please sign up to the Prayer Impact email group so that I can keep you informed of our activities.

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