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Annual Report for The King's Arms 2013

Having now been in post just over a year I can start to see the normal rhythm of life at Kings Arms, and reflecting on this term I recognise that September brought its usual changes – new intake, changing staff, new volunteers. However, in amongst the change there is a feeling of purpose, a sense of coming together, an excitement about moving forward, everything fitting together. It’s not perfect by any means but an injection of ‘quality assurance’ has helped with our focus. Here’s an update on the work we are doing with the young people.

The Petersfield School have been particularly supportive, and we are working with them around lunchtime visits, open mornings and ‘difficult subjects’. The young people have been welcoming to us during their lunchtime breaks and as a result we are seeing new faces at After School and Evening Clubs.

We are putting extra time and effort into both our mentoring programme and young carers project at the moment as we are letting people know about our services and how they can engage with them, having received funding from Children in Need and Lloyds TSB foundation that allows us to provide extra support and encouragement to those in most need.

Our special needs groups are very stable and have an exciting programme which has included graffiti, mountain biking and a planned trip to Playzone; we have had good feedback from parents and young people alike. And we are off the ground with our NEET project that supports mainly 16-19 year olds who are struggling with education or getting a job covering young people in Petersfield, Liss and Liphook.

We have developed a good relationship with the Linden Centre who now use our building 3 days a week to work with young people who have been excluded from mainstream education.

On a personal note the last 5 months have been very difficult for me and I would like to thank so many of you who have supported and encouraged me while my dad has been so ill. He is now well on the road to recovery.

Caroline Lacklison
Operations Manager
The King’s Arms

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