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Annual Report for Holiday Club 2013

Well, what a week!

As Emma & I prepared we had 100 children in mind for the Messy Church Sessions – under 8’s – and about 40 in the Juniors.

Before the week began we had 148 children from 97 families signed up, due to the wet start to the week, we had 187 children from 120 families attending on 2 of the days!

We had 45 Junior children who attended and thoroughly enjoyed themselves – especially showing off what they had done to their parents and siblings on the Friday!

We have looked at being “community” over the past few years and this year we used 1John to focus on what or who helps us be good members of the community.

Judith Bee spoke to the children about “who is Jesus?”, Will Hughes led the talk on “the source of love”, Peter Hollins spoke about “10 ways to obey” and John Callaghan talked about “good news”.

Lyndsey, along with Jez and Liz, led the worship times – beautiful to see children worshiping and the parents relaxed about the small folk wandering about.

Emma, aided by Penny, choose some amazingly simple and effective crafts – even the parents got stuck in doing some of them!

The hit of the week was the Good News train which showed that it is often the simple toys that give enormous pleasure.
Hands on Science was an amazing time for the 16 year 2 children – Phil is enthusiastic about how amazing God is as shown through science and he has succeeded for the 2nd year to excite the children and their parents to seeing God in new and different ways.

The Playball activity was heavily oversubscribed and though it wasn’t easy we tried to ensure that everyone who wanted got to do at least 1 session and where possible 2 sessions.

Fiddlesticks was popular once again – and many Mums enjoyed revisiting!!

Bouncy castle and picnic Friday was preceded by everyone meeting in the Studio for worship and watching what the Juniors had done during the week.

Rosie Greene wrote a drama about Noah Almighty which was wonderfully performed by the 8 children and 2 teen helpers.
Belinda, Sylvia and Geraldine gave the children in Art a chance to decorate a wonderful elephant – now on display in the Life Church Office window! Geraldine helped the children to make some of the masks for the Drama.

Lauren, Tom and Marc had fun in the Sports. The Juniors enjoyed working together as a team but also shining as individuals in the various challenges and games they played.

Holiday Club has been run in many different ways over the years and when we made the changes to it 3 years ago we knew that some parents wanted more involvement with the summer activities their children attended, but we hadn’t appreciated at that time just how bereft some parents feel about the lack of contact with other parents usually seen during the school runs etc during the 6 week summer holiday.

Three years ago there wasn’t much choice for the children to go and do during the summer holidays in Petersfield – however we are now in what is viewed as a highly competitive market for the childcare industry and are a rare style of activity group as we include the parents and only run for the mornings.

For both Emma and myself it is about meeting the parents needs as much as it is the children having fun.

We are really grateful for the support of the Petersfield Area Churches Together, and without it Holiday Club, like many other events the churches together run, couldn’t happen. A huge thank you to all who supported by volunteering, praying, preparing and contributing with finance.

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