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Annual Report for Petersfield Town Chaplaincy 2013

The town chaplaincy has just completed its second full formal year and has continued to be proactive with shops and businesses in the Town.
Businesses in Chapel Street, Rams Walk, the High Street and Pages Court are regularly visited. Chaplains also regularly visit the Wednesday Market to support the market traders.

There is also now a designated Chaplain for the regular Farmers Market. A chaplain will also visit the Library on a regular basis. When possible chaplains have attended the regular Salvation Army and St Peters Church coffee mornings.
We have found that in 2013 all Chaplains have been warmly received.

During the year John Callahan and John Ide represented Petersfield at a meeting in Luton of Town Chaplaincy representatives from around the UK. High on the agenda was an initiative to set up a national chaplaincy representative group to develop guidelines for operating a Chaplaincy and to maintain standards. There have been subsequent contacts and meetings and our rural setting is seen as a valuable input to larger organisations such as Luton and Watford. We also feel it important to have contact with other chaplaincy groups including those who have a large budget and are registered with the Charity Commission. These groups can provide a resource, although not all activities will translate to our situation. We will also maintain links with some of the local groups e.g.: Guildford, Basingstoke, Winchester etc.

Training was carried out for new and existing Chaplains in February and further training will be organised for the New Year. This training will be offered to other Christians in Petersfield who although not wanting to be “on the streets” are nevertheless already doing Chaplaincy work through other outreach initiatives.

Some examples are:-

The list is not exhaustive.

It would now be appropriate to develop a role of chaplaincy administration. We hope that we can attract a suitable person early in the New Year.

All Chaplains are provided with information to help them do their job and the Trustees will continue to refine and update these resources.

We have also started to provide a Chaplaincy service to the Swan surgery. Discussions with the practice Manager and the other staff are ongoing to refine the best way to deliver the service.

Chaplains were actively present at the Good Friday walk of Witness and the service which followed and the Remembrance Day parade. We will continue to support and be present at all public functions in the Town

We are thankful for the support of our Patrons and the Churches of Petersfield. We hope to expand in 2014 but in a controlled and thoughtful way.

As always we thank God for this opportunity and we pray that He will bless our endeavours. Amen

John Callaghan,
For, and on behalf of, the Trustees and the members of the Petersfield Town Chaplaincy.

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