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Annual Report for the PACT Food Bank 2013

Details of how to donate and receive food are available on the PACT Web Site along with regular updates in the reports of meetings of The Social Concerns Committee. Further information can be obtained by contacting me.
The figures for the year, compared with 2011 and 2012 are shown below and clearly indicate that there has been an increased demand each year. This increased demand is expected to rise in the coming months.

      2011     2012    2013
Number of food issues 139 207 249
Number of people helped 418 487 542

The Food Bank, in its present form started in September 2010 and since then, and up to 4 January 2014, 649 issues of food have been made, assisting a total of 1501 people.

A large number of organisations and contacts either give out food on our behalf or send people to the Food Bank. It would be tedious to list all of these so I have listed the organisations who have asked for most food issues this year.

Radian Housing (70), direct to The Salvation Army (68), Petersfield Citizens Advice (31), Sure Start/Action for Children (23), The Job Centre (15), Tree Tops (10), Winton House (8) and so on.

Many sums of money continue to be donated, this means that some fresh food can be purchased and added to the normal issue when the circumstances permit. Tesco’s gift tokens can be given if the situation warrants it.

Earlier in the year CURVES in the Festival Hall, once again, did a collection of food on behalf of the Food Bank. Another large donation of food came from the members of the East Hampshire Council branch of UNISON. This was recently reported in the Petersfield Post.

The Harvest Festival period boosted food supplies with the PACT churches doing their part and additional food and cash coming from All Saints Church East Meon, Froxfield Church and Junior School, Ditcham Park School, South Harting Church & General Store, Herne Junior School, Jubilee Day Nursery Steep, Steep Church and Primary School, and The Causeway House Day Nursery.

So many people have contributed food, money or time to the Food Bank this year, many anonymously, and I would like to thank you, on behalf of the hundreds of people who have received the benefit of your generosity.

Brian Edwards
Food Bank Manager


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