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Annual Report for The Prospects 2013

Our Prospects Group for people with learning disabilities has had a good year but with many changes looming.

We are very grateful to the Salvation Army for all their help and support – not least for the loan of their hall each month (3rd Tuesdays at 7 p.m.).

Brian Edwards has assumed additional responsibilities within our team during the year. Fiona Oakley from St. Peter’s and Catherine and Janet Adams from URC are also welcome additions. Sadly we are losing Rosemary Griffith and Claire Norris who have supported us for over 12 years – since we began our Prospects Group. Our grateful thanks go to them.

The whole of our Tilmore Home Group have been moved to Gosport at short notice and this has left our numbers sadly depleted. However, we know there are so many more people in the area that we could reach so we remain optimistic for 2014.

This year we worked hard to learn the Lord’s Prayer in Makaton Sign Language and were able to join in the worship at the Salvation Army Carol Service in the Methodist Church as part of our outreach into the community.

We value the support and prayers of PACT in all that we are trying to do.

Sylvia Parnell
January 2014

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