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Annual Report for Messy Church 2012

2012 was quite a busy year for Messy Church! Not that we did any more than in 2011 but it just seemed that the 3rd Tuesday in each month came about more quickly each time!!

The folk who attend Messy Church are a varied bunch – some with a church connection but many with little or no connection, some with babies, others with near teens, some can make every month, while others juggle their attendance with other commitments, and some folk sneak in without any children at all! (These are the ones who have finally understood that it’s about worshipping together across the generations!)

We looked at the church year, celebrated the Jubilee with a party, took part in some “Olympics”, had a wonderful Christmas in November and generally had a good messy and fun time together.

Our “craft & activity” volunteers are fabulous – Messy Church in Petersfield really would not happen without them; that’s from what Emma Dean and I do in preparation beforehand, to the team who turn up faithfully each month and have a go at teaching the children skills and crafts.

Our kitchen team regularly feed 80 plus people, and we are starting to get the Dads popping in for tea on the way home! The “door-keepers” are amazingly gracious and kind when the children find things tricky or picking up the adults who are struggling; and finally what can I say about the folk who lead the worship time? A huge thank you to Keith & Lyndsey (now Jez & Lyndsey) for leading the singing, and a massive thank you to all the church leaders who have given the talk – you are all AMAZING and we seriously couldn’t do this time without us all working together. In completing our small individual parts we have created a monthly encounter for all who live in Petersfield.

Emma & I are always on the look-out for more helpers – especially after 5pm when the kitchen staff need help to wash & clear up – so please let us know if you are interested in helping in any way.

Helen Mason and Emma Dean

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