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Annual Report for The King's Arms 2012

For The Kings Arms the year 2012 could be seen as a year of two chunks. From January to August the sterling efforts of Hannah and Lauren kept all of the targeted work going. Work such as mentoring, providing educational activities ‘off-site’ for disengaged pupils, groups for young carers and provision for special needs. However, due to a decrease in funding and a decline in volunteering some of the generic after school and evening work had to diminish. Annemarie Woods joined the team in May to bolster the after school drop in.

After seven years Hannah Turner moved on and, in September, Caroline Lacklison was appointed as Operations Manager. Caroline hit the ground running and we have been at full pelt ever since. Straightaway, the idea was to field a full team in order to prepare for growth and use our resources in an efficient way. Consequently we have been able to be more consistent in what we offer. It will be due to more giving, of time and energy in volunteering and, of course, financially that we can offer full consistency in all the areas we have committed to be in 2013. We would love to see volunteers from each of the PACT churches, regardless of age. Please bear in mind we have quite a few octogenarians who come and help.

Despite the changes at Kings Arms the youth remain the same! Some do not disappoint when it comes to challenging behaviour but also are very rewarding when they grow and develop. Others are a constant joy to nurture and support.

Thankfully the bevy of new volunteers we also attracted in the last term of 2012 has made the after-school drop-in a sustainable service. This includes Mark Grimwood who comes in most days and, amongst other things, offers great technical support.

Caroline Lacklison

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