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Annual Report for Tearfund in Petersfield 2013

This has been a quieter year for Tearfund activities in Petersfield. The emphasis has been on the See-for-yourself initiative which arises from Tearfund's long experience of helping poor communities improve their food supply, their health, education and income, etc. The key is the local church through which lives are transformed and enriched so that people achieve their potential.

Tearfund have selected three congregations which illustrate the issues, one in Africa, one in Asia, and one in Latin America. Supporters are encouraged to subscribe to one of these and to receive a welcome pack with a DVD introducing the village and key players, followed by monthly e-mail news and a 3 monthly video clip where a resident talks about their progress and aspirations. The focus is on partnership where prayer support takes precedence over financial support. Villagers come together to plan projects to improve their community, and only when they have exhausted local resources does Tearfund add extra finance and expertise as requested by the villagers . Thus the villagers remain in charge of the projects and are motivated to keep them going.

See-for-yourself is aimed at individuals, but works well in small groups. Several presentations have been made this year to small groups in Petersfield instead of previous years' larger meetings held in St Peter's Hall. Data is available on each of the three areas of work, so do make the most of this opportunity and arrange for a group in your own congregation to learn about this. One church is promoting this vision of mission as partnership throughout their congregation, and are planning monthly prayer meetings. In the Autumn, Tearfund reported 67,000 churches involved with this, 7,000 of them in the UK, benefiting 15 million people by reducing poverty and building their resilience to meet future challenges.

Contact Ken Tottle on 233769 or e-mail for more information.

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