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Annual Report for the PACT Food Bank 2012

The Food Bank is located in The Salvation Army Hall in Swan Street. Details of how to donate and receive food are available on the Food Bank page of PACT Web Site along with regular updates and more details of some of the activities mentioned in this report.

Visit for up to date news.

The figures for this year, compared with 2011 are shown below and clearly indicate that there has been an increased demand this year. This increased demand is expected to rise in the coming months.

      2011     2012
Number of food issues 139 207
Number of people helped 418 487

The Food Bank, in its present form started in September 2010 and since then 361 issues of food have been made assisting a total of 936 people.

Many sums of money have been donated with the largest sum of £1000 coming from the Bishop of Portsmouth’s Lenten Appeal. This has enabled the issue of Tesco Gift Tokens, as and when it seemed suitable, so that small amounts of fresh food could be purchased.

Earlier in the year CURVES in the Festival Hall did a collection on behalf of the Food Bank, with the Meon Valley Travel Agency also allowing food to be collected at their site. This was well advertised by The Petersfield Post and did a lot to highlight the need in Petersfield and its surrounding area. See the report.

The Harvest Festival period boosted food supplies with the PACT churches doing their part and additional food and cash coming from Ditcham Park School, Harting Church, Churcher’s College Junior School, Herne Junior School, Steep C of E Primary School and The Causeway House Day Nursery.

Food came in from the PACT Holiday Club in the summer and the Parish of Langrish and Meon later in the year.

Waitrose asked if they might support us with four days of collecting outside their Ram’s Walk Store. We took up the option of collecting for two of those days. The weather was unkind but the support of those who helped by standing outside the store and the generosity of the shoppers was astounding. See the report.

It is impossible to thank the so many people who have contributed, food, money or time to the Food Bank this year as the donors are not always known. I thank you, on behalf of the hundreds of people who have received the benefit of your generosity. Please remember that this is an on-going need.

Brian Edwards
Food Bank Manager

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