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Annual Report: Social Concerns 2011

We have continued to meet bi-monthly, sharing news between the churches and giving support to several PACT initiatives.  This year there has been a good spread of representatives, which is very helpful.  If any other churches wish to send someone please contact Christine Tully for details.

During the year we have welcomed John Callaghan, as Chair of PACT and as someone involved in the work of the Town Chaplaincy; and Wendy Shone, who shared developments in the service for older people provided by Community Innovations and the proposed Older People’s Forums.  [It would be interesting to know whether and how the information gathered in this way is noted and/or used within the member churches.]  Two other visits, from Anderson Marsh and Jeanette Richardson, had to be postponed till the New Year.

We continued to support the Food Bank and the PACT card deliveries and worked with Linda Read to bring new life into the PACT prayer group.  The Christmas Day Lunch was at risk this year as in September there was no-one available to take on the job of co-ordinator.  Thanks to an appeal at St Peter’s, new volunteers came forward and eventually, with the help of Henry Marshall’s excellent notes, planning began in November, a rather late start.  Our thanks are due to Christine Rushton for her expert leadership and to the largely new team who supported her by filling essential roles in the kitchen, at reception, serving the meal and M.C.-ing the occasion.  It was once again very much appreciated. 

As a number of those who helped this year (including Christine) will not be available in 2012, please look out for anyone who might be interested in helping with the organisation or in the kitchen where Lis Scott has worked hard for many years.  However, remember the over-riding importance of family ties at Christmas.  Talk to your church representative for further details.

I have given plenty of warning that I shall be retiring from the leadership of this group.  No-one has so far offered to take my place, but I shall not be available after our March meeting.  I should be very happy to meet and discuss the role with anyone interested.

Joyce Perry, Convener

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