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Annual Report for The Causeway Project 2011

This year we have heard from Head Office that we are to be known as Prospects instead of the Causeway Prospects - see our new logo, right.

We have about 16 regular members plus carers, attending our meetings. On the third Tuesday every month, we have Worship and Fellowship. We are very grateful to the Salvation Army for their continued support and the use of their Hall.

Thanks also to PACT for your continued support and most importantly, your prayers. We have just received an invitation from Alton to join in a worship day. There is to be a training session in Portsmouth in the coming months. These will feature Makaton Sign language, useful for us, as we have members with speech challenges.

This year we have said goodbye to Henry and Angie Marshall, two very valued members of our team. We would really appreciate a male member of team as half our members are men. If he was musical, with a good singing voice, it would help so much.

Prospects is a countrywide charity and is making an impact with people with learning difficulties, our special friends. We share our faith simply and welcome anyone who would like to join us on the third Tuesday 7.15pm for 7.30pm.

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