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Annual Report: Unity Book Shop Petersfield 2010

Times are financially hard for everyone at the moment, and the bookshop is no exception. Last year we reported a better than expected twelve months. This year we have kept our heads just above water. Business is slowing down and it is an unfortunate fact that more and more people appear to be ordering their Christian books on line. We held a tea party for local clergy in the autumn and emphasised to them the importance of encouraging their church members to buy or order their books through the shop, and we would like, through PACT, once again to emphasise this need. Their incentive to do this is, of course, the continuation of the bookshop in Petersfield. If online ordering continues or increases, the bookshop is bound to suffer and the trustees may well be forced to wind up the business.

Last year, we reported that Rev'd Anderson Marsh had been welcomed as a trustee. Sadly, due to his other pressing ministerial work, he has had to take the decision to step down. So we are looking to recruit another two members to keep the trustee team at full strength and PACT's help in this would be much appreciated. If anyone knows or hears of anyone who could take this on, or indeed step in to help out on specific projects such as publicity/marketing, we would love to hear from them.

During the last year, our computerised till system was installed and has proved invaluable in providing sales figures, facilitating sale or return bookstalls, and generally accessing useful data for accounting purposes. Most volunteers, to their great credit, have learned the ropes and are now accomplished operators. Sadly, a few decided it was beyond them to start learning a new process and stepped down. Fortunately, some others have been recruited, but we are always on the lookout for volunteers for specific tasks like running bookstalls, helping with stock checking, stock taking and unpacking and registering parcels etc. Our manager, Rosemary Davies would love to hear from anyone with a little time and/or computer know-how, who would be prepared to help.

We continue to be grateful to the PACT church members who support and use us and look forward, in faith, to the coming year.

Di Mackarness, Chairman of Trustees

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