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Annual Report: Tearfund 2010


The Petersfield Group exists to inform and inspire prayer and support for Tearfund in this area.

Tearfund takes a comprehensive approach to releasing people from poverty and working for truly sustainable change. They work to inspire the church to transform communities. They mobilise the local church to work with poor communities to bring material and spiritual transformation: to speak out in advocacy, and to prepare and respond to disasters.

A major initiative is their “Connected Church” work which helps develop partnerships between churches. Their ten year vision is for 50 million people to be released from spiritual and material poverty through a world-wide network of 100,000 local churches.

Petersfield Meetings

We meet on the second Tuesday of every other month, and were well provided with speakers last year. Unfortunately, the January meeting had to be postponed due to the snow and ice, so we were reduced to five meetings. The topics covered were as follows:

Other Activities

Petitions supporting action to minimise climate change were signed at St Mary Magdalen, Sheet, St Peter's, Petersfield, and by the Greening Petersfield group. These were presented to Damian Hinds MP on Nov 5th. He is well informed on such matters, and it was a mutually encouraging meeting as we saw how local individual actions complemented the national government initiatives.


Our thanks go to our supporters who come from a wide area. Please invite anyone you know who might be interested in Tearfund’s work, and feel free to contact Ken at 01730-233769 for any local support in addition to the Tearfund helplines.

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