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Annual Report: Petersfield Counselling Service 2010

Petersfield Counselling Service has continued its work in 2010 offering short and long term counselling to the local community. 2010 was a year of change and challenge; The Rev'd Giles Harris-Evans, the Chair of Trustees retired, and the Rev'd John Owen took the reigns and has been working as the Chair with the service now for just over six months. Christine Readman, Director, left the service to work overseas, and was replaced by Kerrie Jones in July. 14 volunteer counsellors continue to support the service and see on average of three or four clients a week.

It has proved increasingly challenging this year with the impact of the economic climate affecting the number of clients approaching the service, the level of client donations received and the number of volunteer counsellors approaching the Service. In addition there are considerable changes taking place within GP practices as the governments IAPT initiative rolls out. We expect to see an increase in new clients approaching the service over the next few months in response to these changes.

PCS has also been proactively promoting the service. We have launched a new website in November. (see A revised leaflet was also produced and large leaflet drop took place during November and December to GP’s and appropriate organisations. Encouragingly PCS has seen a dramatic increase in clients contacting the service this year already. 

Accommodation continues to be an issue and again we would appeal to anyone who knows of any available safe and confidential space suitable for counselling during the day for a three-hour session to please get in contact.

Continued thanks to all of those who support the service in various ways, without whom we would struggle to offer the level of support that is much needed in Petersfield and the surrounding areas.

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