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Annual Report: Messy Church 2010

Messy Church in Petersfield meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Methodist Church. During 2010 we looked at women in the Bible, Who is God? Who is Jesus? Who is the Holy Spirit? As well as celebrating Easter and a very Messy Christmas.

The outline for Messy Church in Petersfield is very simple - meet for a drink and biscuit, take part in free play and a craft/activity session, join in with the worship and share a meal together.

We have a regular attendance 80 people, with the majority of those being families who are unable to attend regular Sunday services - at some sessions there are over 100 people who take part in the craft and worship sessions and between 60-80 stay to share the meal. For the first Messy Christmas that we held there were over 120 people who attended with food served to over 100!

It was wonderful to hear that when enrolling for Holiday Club some parents put down Messy Church as the church they attended.

Rob Dewing, Dominic Clark, Gerry Arnold, John Callaghan and Peter Barnett have continued to support the worship time with Becky, and now John Lucas, leading the singing.

John and Liz Studd support the sessions, along with a fabulous team in the kitchen, by providing wonderful meals each month. And of course our regular activity helpers from across the PACT churches who support Messy Church in Petersfield by "running" a craft/activity table, helping to set up and tidy up and without whose help Messy Church in Petersfield wouldn't be able to happen!

We have also had a steady flow of visitors from other churches who wanted to take part in Messy Church while planning to run their own. This is also helping to build links with other churches across Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey!

Emma and I have been blessed by the support for Messy Church in 2010 and are looking forward to developing Messy Church in 2011. The topics that we will be looking at in 2011 include stories that Jesus told, Old Testament Prophets, the disciples, Easter, Pentecost, Harvest and Christmas.

One new venture that we will be undertaking is to run Messy Church as the PACT Holiday Club for the Infants this year.

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