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Annual Report: The King's Arms 2010

After a long year and a half The King’s Arms breathe a sigh of relief as they settle back in at their original site on the Festival Hall Car Park. Since the fire in June 2009 the King’s Arms has been running its services from different venues around the town, but the refurbishment of the building is now complete and its ‘business as normal’ at our Heath Road home.

The After School Club has kicked off with great attendance figures with up to 50 young people at a time. The evening clubs have been a little slower to take off but numbers are steadily increasing as the word gets around. The team plan to head into the local schools in the New Year to raise awareness of the clubs on offer.

A groups of boys at the table tennis tableSince the re-launch we have recruited a number of new volunteers that are proving to be a huge asset to the club. We rely on the public giving their time and money towards supporting the project so that it will in turn benefit the whole community. The local Churches continue to be a great support to the club and we hope strengthen our links with them even more this coming year.

In the New Year we are hoping to be able to offer more to the young people in the form of trips, competitions, young carers support, pupil respite and more training for all our volunteers. We are keen to keep our eyes open to the local needs of the young people in our community and do our best to meet them as best we can.

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