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Annual Report: Christian Ecology Group 2010

The Group's purpose is to encourage and inform Christian concern for God's creation through positive action taken by congregations and by individuals.

For Lent 2010, instead of the traditional abstinence from sweets, wine etc, the Group organised a Course involving a (partial) "Carbon Fast". The leaders of the Course came from Petersfield Methodist Church, St Mary Magdalen and Saint Peter's. It was based on a York Course-style interview* with Sir John Houghton, CBS, FRS - a committed Christian who is an eminent climate scientists and a Nobel Laureate. Beside the weekly discussion meetings members of the Course followed a Tearfund programme which involved a daily energy-saving action.

In November 2010 the Petersfield Christian Ecology Group collaborated with the Petersfield Tearfund Prayer Group in supporting the national lobby of MPs organised by the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition. Two delegates met Mr Damian Hinds, MP for East Hampshire, taking a petition signed by members of several PACT churches in support of the lobby. They were well received; subsequently Mr Hinds raised their concerns with Mr Gregory Baker, Minister of State at the Department of Energy and Climate Change who wrote a three page response. Subsequently, Mr Hinds also raised environmental matters in the House of Commons during Ministerial Questions (Petersfield Herald 31 December 2010, page 3).

Good collaboration has been maintained with the secular "Greening Petersfield" campaign, now one of more than 200 such organisations in England within the "Greening Campaign".

The Group does not aim for a large membership, Christian commitment for God's creation is the principal criterion. For various good reasons membership became depleted during 2010: it is imperative that new representatives from churches within PACT join the group for these activities to continue. The duties involve informing their leadership and congregation of forthcoming activities, attending occasional planning meetings and assisting in the organisation of infrequent events.

Gerald Druce

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