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Annual Report: Petersfield Voluntary Care Group 2009

We were blessed last year to welcome some new drivers to the group, all from St. Laurence’s Church. At the moment we have 40 or more drivers we can call on, although some drivers have retired this year and some have had to resign through ill health.

Of course we would always welcome more!

The number of requests we meet still continues to rise year on year. Last year those 40 drivers answers 1535 requests for transport to hospitals, visiting nursing homes, doctors appointments, opticians, chiropodists and, of course, regular shopping for at least 12 clients. Quite an undertaking for the Voluntary Care Group.

We were able to weather the fluctuations in the price of petrol last year thanks to the generosity of our clients. Let’s hope that this year costs will be a little more stable.

In October I gave a short Presentation about PVCG work to the Councillors at their Monthly Meeting in the Town Hall. Subsequently a report was printed in the Town News-sheet. So this year we have certainly been raising awareness of the Group.

I’m sure that you would all like to convey your thanks to that team of willing volunteers who help the elderly and the frail of Petersfield to remain independent. It is often the case that the trips can be very entertaining for the driver as many elderly people have some wonderful tales to tell.

See the Voluntary Care page on the PACT web site

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