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Annual Report: Unity Book Shop Petersfield 2009

Further to the shop’s report to PACT last year, and my own urgent plea at the AGM for individuals and churches to use the shop more, I am delighted to say that this has been happening and our sales have improved in the last twelve months beyond expectations. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the Christian community in and around Petersfield for taking this on board so thoroughly and helping to ensure that the bookshop remains here in the town as a valuable resource.

Most probably as a direct result of that report, we have been greatly blessed by three generous donations for which we are most grateful. The trustees now feel that if the shop is to continue to flourish in this town, it is essential that we transport it, albeit belatedly, into the 21st century. Consequently, we have decided, after much discussion and research, to use these donations towards moving us into a new era of technology and become computerised. This will make stock control and other admin procedures much easier. The internet will speed up ordering and book searches and will allow us to provide a more comprehensive and efficient service to our customers which, in turn, should encourage future growth. Our manager and volunteers, for the most part, are looking forward to these changes and to the training process due to begin shortly.

During the year the Rev'd Anderson Marsh was welcomed as a new trustee who, together with myself, Kate Wilson, Phil Carpenter and the Rev'd Sylvia Roberts makes up the present team. We are currently looking out for someone else to further strengthen the trustee team so if you feel this could be you then please have a word with me – or at least spread the word. As always, we are ready to welcome potential new volunteers to work in the shop so the same applies here.

We have much to thank God for. He has certainly blessed us in the last year and answered our prayers. I know we all feel privileged to be connected to such a special place and pray that He will continue to guide us in our decisions and efforts to look after this shop and keep it working for his purpose. We look forward to the coming new year in anticipation of what God may have in store for us.

See the Unity Book Shop page on the PACT web site

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