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Annual Report: Social Concerns Group 2009

The group has met six times during 2009, attended by nine representatives drawn from six of the PACT churches. We welcomed Stewart Madden, chairman of PACT, at our May meeting and are open to any others who would wish to join in our discussions on a regular or occasional basis, especially from those fellowships at present unrepresented.

A good deal of our time together has been spent completing and following up the report on the ways in which we cater for older people in our churches. Copies of this report are available if you have not yet seen one. Our attention is now turning to older people in the wider community. A recent national report from Michael Parkinson has high-lighted failures in care, at home or in Homes. which provides food for thought.

The nomination of the King’s Arms for an award has not yet been completed. The account of its work has been affected by the fire last summer; responses from the local community and the return of the King’s Arms to its ‘normal’ activities should help to prove its worth.

We have followed the work of Money Matters, Causeway Prospects and Messy Church and have again participated in the organisation of the PACT Christmas card distribution and the Christmas Lunch. Once again the latter was a great success and much appreciated. Our thanks go to all the ‘workers’ and to those who once more gave generously, businesses and individuals. A number of our guests would now be bitterly disappointed if the Lunch did not happen! However, please note that Jill Watts will no longer be available in a co-ordinating role for this event and, if it is to continue, new (and younger?) blood is needed for what is a vital responsibility. Some others on the Social Concerns Group itself, like Jill and myself, have served for many years. It would be ‘healthy’ if some new members (in, at least, early rather than late retirement) were to join our bi-monthly meeting. They would be very welcome.

See the Social Concerns page on the PACT web site

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