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Annual Report: In Ministry to Children (IMC) 2009

The work of In Ministry to Children , continues along the lines already established in 16 years of ministry. We currently run 2 residential homes for children each catering for around 24 children whose lives are literally ‘at risk’ and our daily Feeding Programme known as the Comedor caters for between 80 and 100 children each day.

The central work of IMC in Colombia is to concentrate on the Comedor because of it’s effectiveness within the community. It is here where we monitor the health and well-being of all the children on a daily basis and can quickly spot any signs that may indicate where children may be subject to abuse. It is from this programme, where all children are required to attend school, that contact is made directly into families in need and so it is not just the 80-100 children who benefit but also their families, often each with 6/7/8 children, all of whom receive some sort of help. It is also from the Comedor that a Christian Sunday service is now operating for families in this area.

Currently UK sends out about £8,000 each month, which is goes directly to Colombia and where it is spread between the various operating programmes and includes salaries as well as food and residential care. We employ 15 local Christians in IMiC on a full-time basis as well as 12 others part-time. Less than 5% of our total UK income is spent in UK on admin etc.

IMC runs a sponsorship scheme where supporters are put in touch with individual children whom they support on a regular basis. There is also opportunity for Summer Teams each year where the chance to experience how poorer society exists. We continually wonder at God’s grace that operates within this ministry. There is a monthly prayer meeting for the work, where updates are available to guide our prayers in specific situations. All interested in IMC would be very welcome.

A monthly gift to IMC of £30 provides for a daily hot nutritious meal for one month for one child.

Your support to the Lord’s work in Colombia would, actually make the world of difference to one child.

If you would like to know more about our work or to support the work of IMC on a regular basis, please contact Terry & Joan Thraves or take a leaflet available at this meeting.

See the IMC page on the PACT web site

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