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Annual Report: Holiday Club 2009

Well what a week we have had at Holiday Club. We started on Monday by celebrating Christmas Tuesday was The Parable of The Sower, Wednesday The Prodigal Son, Thursday The Good Samaritan and Friday to end it all we celebrated Easter.
For me this year has been strange because it is my last as chairman as I have relinquished my duties as Chairman.
We had 210 children who came to Holiday club. They did a craft, activity and sport zone each day also learning a memory verse.

Each day we also had a challenge the leader. The losing team got gunged. On Friday because it was my last year in charge they thought it would be good to gunge me also.

It has been a great week with the most important message that we were able to tell 210 children about the love of God and what he can do in their lives.

See the Holiday Club page on the PACT web site

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