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Annual Report: Petersfield Christian Ecology Group 2009

"The Earth is the Lord's and all that is in it." (Ps.24)

The Group's purpose is to encourage and inform Christian concern for God's creation through positive action taken by congregations and by individuals.

Good collaboration has been maintained with the secular "Greening Petersfield" campaign. Consequently, two members of the Group attended by invitation the [closed] national meeting of the Greening Campaign held at the Petersfield Festival Hall on 30th May 2009. The range of subjects included reports by representatives of local greening campaigns (which are spreading through the South-East into East Anglia and the Midlands) of their activities and successes, details of the training support available to assist businesses develop into the Green economy and an explanation of the current scientific knowledge on climate change. From experience of professional scientific conferences, this was one of the best in presentation and organisation that I have attended.

Subsequently, the Group organised a public meeting at St. Peter's Hall on 10th October 2009 addressed by Ms Oona Muirhead, CBE, of the South East England Development Agency on the Agency's contribution to "greening" the economy of SE England. The second speaker was the Rev'd Andrew Norris, Advisor on the Environment to the CofE Diocese of Portsmouth, who explored the application of Christian principles to sustainable living and support of the campaigns for world-wide climate justice.

A member of the Group supported the Service addressed by the Archbishops of Canterbury and of Westminster followed by a well-attended rally in Central London on 5th December 2009.

The Group does not aim for a large membership. A representative from every member of PACT would be welcome. The duties would involve informing his/her leader[s] and congregation of forthcoming activities, attending occasional planning meetings and assisting in the organisation of specific events.

See the Petersfield Christian Ecology page on the PACT web site

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