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Annual Report: Petersfield Counselling Service 2009

Petersfield Counselling Service has continued with its work in 2009 offering counselling to the local community. It has proved challenging with the impact that the economic climate has had on both clients and recruitment of counsellors. We have continued to steadily increase in client hours throughout the year.

We have had a particularly challenging year with accommodation and would appeal that if anyone knows of any available safe and confidential space suitable for counselling during the day for a three hour session to please get in contact.

Continued thanks to all of those who support the service in various ways, without whom we would struggle to offer the level of support possible.

The year ahead for Petersfield Counselling Service will see the retirement of Rev'd Giles Harris-Evans as the Chair of Trustees who we thank for his support and guidance and wish him well in his retirement.

See the Petersfield Counselling Service page on the PACT web site

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