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Annual Report: Christian Aid 2009

January 2010

Nine of our ten churches took part in the house-to-house collecting, during Christian Aid Week in May 2009.

Other find raising activities

Total receipts were just under £10,000 - plus an expected gift-aid reclaim of over £1000. Thank you, to everyone who shared in these efforts: knocking on doors, clutching tins, walking, cycling, cooking and organizing (especially the Simple lunch, which brings us together across tables and church boundaries, gave us time to talk and meet, provided an excellent lunch and raised £469).

Christian aid Week this year is from May 9-15th. We plan to collect outside Waitrose and in the streets on May 15th.

In October, we are hoping every church may raise a team to compete in the BIG QUIZ.

We know that Christian Aid is about much more than raising funds;
CA campaigners have succeeded in some directions : influencing government policy on new coal-fired power stations; asking our PM to support the creation of a new international accounting standard, requiring companies to reveal the profits they are making and taxes they are paying in every country in which they operate; and being part of the STOP CLIMATE CHAOS coalition. It's the poorest in the world who are worst hit by rising temperatures across the globe.

And now we must respond to the needs of those poor people of Haiti.

Please ask all your church members to give as generously as they can. A separate letter is going out about this. We look to our Ministers and leaders to SPEAK OUT!

See the Christian Aid page on the PACT web site

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