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Annual Report: Causeway Prospects 2009

This year has gone by very quickly .

We have about 17-20 people with learning difficulties worshipping regularly on the 3rd Tuesday or each month, Added to this is a band of about 8 10 helpers and musicians from all our churches in the area.

Sadly during the past year Pat Horn has moved away and we have lost one of our best friends and a founder member.

We are very grateful to the Salvation Army for all their support, for the loan of their hall each month and for the lovely carol service that they gave us. We offer friendship, a cup of tea, worship with some noisy singing and the chance to share our faith in a simple straightforward way.

This year we have been looking at the Lord’s Prayer and working it out in Makaton sign language for our friends with language problems, a learning curve for us all.. We know that there are many more people who find church services difficult so if you know anyone ,please feel free to bring them along, You will be very welcome.

See the Causeway Prospects page on the PACT web site

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