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Petersfield Christian Ecology Group

The principal purpose of this ecumenical Group is to encourage and develop Christian concern for the welfare of God’s creation, especially the projected implications of climate instability, through positive action taken by congregations and individuals. Thus, with appropriate agreement, low-energy light bulbs have been fitted in St Peter’s Hall and the up-lights in St Peter’s that illuminate the church ceiling are to be used only on special occasions.

During 2008, the Group became affiliated to PACT: good collaboration with the secular “Greening Petersfield” campaign is maintained.

“Ecology through respect for God’s creation” was the theme of the PACT United Service for One World Week held at St Peter’s on 19th October 2008. Representatives from five congregations participated, the address was given by Ruth Jarman, a scientist and trustee of Christian Ecology Link.

The group organised a Power Point presentation, “Food or Fuel?” by Professor Roland Clift, CBE of the University of Surrey on 15th November 2008 at the URC hall. He concentrated upon the problems associated with the competition for agricultural land to grow crops for bio-fuel instead of food. In comparing alternative means of heating buildings, he emphasised the necessity of ensuring high energy efficiency of the entire process, as is achieved by the Combined Heat and Power plants serving whole districts in Sweden. A lengthy flow of relevant questions followed.

Members of the Group attended:

Gerald Druce

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