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Annual Report for Christian Aid, Petersfield 2008

Our Christian Aid 'simple lunch' in January 2008 was a popular and happy occasion, produced some lovely soups and raised £340.

Other Fund Raising Activities

House-to-house collection in May
Sponsored walk
Clergy sponsored walk

The Christmas collections held in some of our churches, along with various donations over the year, raised nearly £900.

So our grand total for 2008, allowing for Gift Aid, was just under £11,400.

Although fund-raising has to be our main focus, we believe that a better world is possible, and that our task is to challenge the system that favours the powerful over the poor; and that we need to do this with our heads as well as our hearts.

Thanks to all who collected, counted, cooked, walked and talked.

We shall continue to fight poverty and injustice and look to all our churches for support and encouragement.

Maggie Burton-Page
January 2009



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