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Real Easter Eggs

In 2008 one of the co-founders of The Meaningful Chocolate Company came up with the idea of The Real Easter Egg. The Real Easter Egg is the UK's first and only Fairtrade charity egg to mention Jesus and the events of the Christian period of Holy Week on the box.

In 2011, ten weeks after launch, the egg became the UK's top selling mail order egg and was stocked across the UK by leading retailers.

The 125g high quality Fairtrade milk chocolate egg costs £3.99 each (which includes VAT and charitable donation) plus 51p for delivery - total £4.50. See for more information.

It's hard to believe that, out of the whopping 80 million chocolate Easter Eggs sold each year, not one of them mentions Jesus on the box. Until now that is. The Real Easter Egg is the first and only Fairtrade chocolate Easter Egg to explain the Christian understanding of Easter on the box. It also supports charity and development projects - buying everything from medical equipment for new mums here at home, to chickens and securing fresh water for farmers in Africa.

The Real Easter Egg has the Easter Story printed on the box:

The Real Meaning of Easter

Easter is all about cute bunnies, fluffy chicks and eating too much chocolate, right? Well, not quite. We happen to think it’s a bit more meaningful than that.

That’s because billions of people all over the world believe that Jesus died on the cross on Good Friday, then rose again three days later… on Easter Sunday.

Actually, many believe that chocolate eggs represent the boulder that sealed his tomb. And with eggs being widely thought of as a symbol of hope and new life, the custom grew where people exchanged gifts of chocolate eggs at Easter. So now you know.

Just think… when you give someone The Real Easter Egg you’re not just giving them a delicious chocolate treat, you’re giving them something much more meaningful.

The Real Easter Egg is available in shops and supermarkets - Waitrose in Petersfield has some and the PACT web Master would be pleased to mention any other shops in the Petersfield area that are selling them.

If your local shop or supermarket doesn't sell Real Easter Eggs then encourage them to do so in future - read how the campaign to sell Real Easter Eggs has grown

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