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Petersfield Community Radio and the PACT web site

If you have messages or information you want to share with people across Petersfield and the surrounding villages in our daily Morning Report programme please email

The radio programme includes calls for assistance as well as services available, plus fact-checked local information and it's produced every weekday morning before 9am by our radio volunteers.

Here's the latest edition:

Podcasts and broadcasts that are directly relevant to members of PACT churches will be listed on this page and you can visit the appropriate page of the Petersfield Community Radio web site by clicking on one of the links below. You can then click on the link in their web site to listen to the programme.

Petersfield Community Radio:

Petersfield Community radio is hoping to develop through the following stages:

PACT is already actively involved: Rev'd Josh Thomas of Petersfield United Reformed Church is the link between PACT and Petersfield Community Radio.



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