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PACT Resources

This section is provided for the Web Master of Churches, Affiliated Organisations, Associated Organisations and any other organisation who are interested in the activities of PACT.


We would be grateful if you would create links from your web site to the PACT web site since this will help visitors to your web site find the PACT web site and will also enhance its search engine ranking. On this page we provide images and text that you can use to create these links.


On this page we provide copies of the PACT logo at different sizes and in both colour and black and white.

Creating Links

Here we explain how you can submit details of your forthcoming events to PACT Content Managers who will then display the information on the PACT web site then email those interested in your organisation

Miscellaneous Documents

Encounters: a collection of biblical monologues written by members of PACT churches. Published as a PDF in February 2009