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PACT Resources: Providing Event Information for the PACT web site

The PACT web site is designed so that information about future events and details of past events can be displayed on the PACT web site. The procedure for providing this information is described below:

1. When you have the details of an event to be organised by your church or organisation please email these details to one of the PACT web site Content Managers.
For churches the email address to use is:
For all other organisations the address to use is:
These addresses may change, so please check this page.
2. The Content Manager will add brief details of the event to the PACT Events Page and also create an information box on the appropriate page of the PACT web site.

This is an example of an information box which is used to display information on your organisation's page on the PACT web site

3. The Content Manager will then email all those people who have subscribed to the email group for this church or organisation. This email will simply inform the recipient that a new event is planned and a link in the email will direct the recipient to the appropriate page of the PACT web site.
4. The day after the event the details of the event will be removed from the PACT Events Page and also from the relevant page of the PACT web site.
5. If you have any follow-up to the event, e.g. a report of the event, photographs, scores etc email these to the appropriate Content Manager who will display this material on the organisation's page on the web site and send another email to the email group for this church or organisation.
This information will be displayed for one calendar month or until a request is made to remove it.

Anyone may subscribe to a PACT email group from the Subscribe page or by by completing a Subsribe form. People can unsubscribe for any email group by replying to an email from a Content Manager with the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the Subject line.

By this means we hope that people will visit the PACT web site whenever an event is planned or when there is information regarding a past event. It is up to web masters and individuals from churches and organisations to keep the PACT Content Managers up to date with what is happening in their church or organisation.

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