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PACT Lent Programme: 9 March to 23 April 2011

Lent is a time when Christians remember the 40 days and nights Jesus spent alone in the desert without food, being tempted by the Devil. Jesus used this time to prepare for His work by fasting and praying.

The weeks of Lent were once the time when new Christians, who were to be baptized on Easter Eve, were taught about the Christian faith and life. Those who had already been baptized thought again about the promises they had once made and promise to be true to them. Lent was a time for spring-cleaning lives, as well as homes.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, the day after Pancake Day, six and a half weeks before Easter Day. The last week of Lent begins with Palm Sunday, which celebrates the day Jesus entered Jerusalem and the people lay down palms at his feet. Lent ends the day before Easter Sunday, which is known as Holy Saturday. Sundays are not counted in the forty days.

In the Roman Catholic Church, Lent officially ends at sundown on Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday), with the beginning of the mass of the Lord's Supper.

Once again PACT (Petersfield Area Churches Together) is offering a variety of ways in which we can journey through Lent together. You are welcome to come to as many of these events as you like. Please telephone the host/leader to book a place on your chosen course.

From the PACT Webmaster:

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At a Glance

The numbers following the York Course are to aid finding the course details further down the page.

           Sunday            Monday             Tuesday       Wednesday      Thursday      Friday      
AM                 York Course-7   York Course-4
PM     York Course-1       York Course-2        
EVE The Salvation
  York Course-5   St Mary Magdalen

St Laurence
  York Course-3

York Course-6
  All Saints'
Steep & High

THE YORK COURSE: Rich Inheritance - Jesus' Legacy of Love

Jesus didn’t write a will. He left no written instructions. He didn’t seem to have a plan. At the end, as he hung dying on the cross, almost all of his followers had abandoned him. By most worldly estimates his ministry was a failure. Nevertheless, Jesus’ message of reconciliation with God lived on. It is the central message of the Bible. With this good news his disciples changed the world. How did they do it? What else did Jesus leave behind – what is his ‘legacy of love’? This course addresses these questions.

The York Course is run in the following homes - see also invidual churches who are running this course

York Course Number 1
Venue:       43 Lower Wardown, Herne Farm, GU31 4PA
Day/Time   Mondays 2:30 pm starting 14th March
Host:   Bobs Moat
Leader/Contact:   Bobs Moat 01730 261059 or
Christine Tully 01730 262716

York Course Number 2
Venue:       21 Grenehurst Way, The Village GU31 4AZ
Day/Time   Wednesdays 2:30 pm starting 16th March
Host:   Barbara Ward and Beryl Turner
Leader/Contact:   Barbara Ward 01730 267834

York Course Number 3
Venue:       'Fairoak', 8 Avon Close, Petersfield GU31 4LG
Day/Time   Wednesdays 8:00 pm starting 16th March
Leader/Contact:   Hosts and leading Peter and Linda Clist
01730 262312

York Course Number 4
Venue:       30 Oaklands Road, Petersfield GU32 2EZ
Day/Time   Fridays 10:00 am starting 18th March
Leader/Contact:   Judith Peake 01730 263669 or
Gill Hancock 01730 263763

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The Salvation Army, Petersfield

Genesis 1 is a beautiful chapter in terms of its importance, its language and its amazing mathematical structure. However, the most miraculous thing about it is its content and the fact that it was given to mankind directly by God long before mankind had any idea about how the world was formed or worked.

Using a PowerPoint demonstration and a collection of DVDs, Captain Barrie Cox will show just how accurate the first chapter of Genesis is from a scientific perspective; every aspect and fact given in the chapter has been shown by science to be perfectly correct, and in the order as written. God has honoured mankind by telling us just how He created the World and all life on it.

Venue:       The Salvation Army, Swan Street, GU32 3AD
Day/Time   Sunday 6.30 pm starting 13th March for 5 weeks
Leader/Contact:   Captain Barrie Cox 01730 265505

St Mary Magdalen, Sheet

We will be showing a series of films which tackle some of the important and difficult social justice and environmental issues of today. Click on a title to read more about a film.

Venue:       St. Mary Magdalen Church, GU32 2AQ
Day/Time   Tuesdays at 7.45 pm
15th, 22nd, 29th March and 5th, 12th April
Leader/Contact:   Parish Office 01730 302695

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St Mary's Buriton: York Courses 2011 - Rich Inheritance - Jesus' Legacy of Love

York Course Number 5
Venue:       10 Heatherfield, Buriton
Day/Time   Monday Evening starting 14th March
Leader/Contact:   Tom Cooper 01730 233786

York Course Number 6
Venue:       St Mary's House 41 North Lane
Day/Time   Wednesday Evenings starting 16th March
Leader/Contact:   David Bee 01730 269390

York Course Number 7
Venue:       14 High Street
Day/Time   Thursday Mornings starting 10th March
Leader/Contact:   Judith Bee 01730 269390
All Saints’ Church, Steep & High Cross Church

All Saints' Church, Steep and High Cross, Froxfield

Venue:       All Saints’ Church, Steep GU32 2DF
Day/Time   Thursdays during Lent 7:00 pm
At the Communion discussion group there will be a series of readings on the Celtic saints. Half an hour of meditation precedes the service, to which all are welcome.
Leader/Contact:   Rev'd John Owen 01730 264282

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St Laurence's Church

John Huntriss returns to talk to us about some Old Testament Prophets and how their story is used in the New Testament to help us to understand Jesus. John Huntriss is an excellent speaker who will expand our knowledge and appreciation of the Bible in a thought provoking way. For more details see the St Laurence's Church page on this web site and download a poster.

Venue:       St Laurence Parish Hall, Station Road, Petersfield GU32 3ED
Day/Time   Tuesdays 7.30 pm on 15th, 22nd and 29th March & 5th April
Leader/Contact:   Carol Warren, Parish Administrator 01730 262290

Download the PACT Lent Programme Leaflet - but note that this will not contain the venues for York Courses 6 and 7 - these are shown above

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