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PACT Happenings

This page will, we hope, keep you up to date with activities undertaken by PACT Churches and Organisation - including changes to the web site. It will not replace the Special Events & Services page, rather it will supplement it . If you have already subscribed to the PACT New Events Email Group then you will automatically receive an email when a new happening is added to this page. If you have not subscribed to this group then you may do so from the Subscribe to Emails page.

Often reports of recently completed events will be displayed here for a while and then be transferred to the Archives, so please keep a check on the archive pages.

In most cases each Happening will contain a link to an appropriate page where you will be able to find more details.

HAPPENINGS - Reports on events that have taken place

Date                                               Happening
Saturday 10 June IMC Funday
Saturday 1 July Men's Breakfast at Hurst Barn
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