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External Events and Campaigns

From time to time the PACT web master receives requests from organisations outside those involved in PACT requesting that we advertise events and campaigns taking place both locally and nationally.

After consultation with the PACT Chair and Secretary the web master will add details of these events and campaigns to this page of the web site. Some of these will be well out of the PACT area so it may not be practicable to attend them but it is hoped that local Christian will pray for them.

Below you will find brief details of these activities, listed in ascending date order; some will have links to other pages on this web site, others will lead to external web site.

PACT is not responsible for the content of external sites.

Refugee Tales: A walk in solidarity with Refugees and Detainees

Runnymnede to Westminster 1-5 July 2017

A walk in solidarity with Refugees and Detainees

  • July 1 Runnymede to Walton on Thames (11 miles)
  • July 2 Walton on Thames to Kingston (8 miles)
  • July 3 Kingston to Brentford (11 miles)
  • July 4 Brentford to Hammersmith (6 miles)
  • July 5 Hammersmith to Westminster (9 miles)

At each stopping point celebrated writers will perform tales written after conversations with refugees and detainees and those who work with them.

See website for details:


Support Fitzroy: Abseil Down the Spinnaker Tower

Challenge yourself to an exhilararting 300 foot abseil down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth and help keep our vital friendship and dating project: Love4Life open.

Dates are Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 June.

Love4Life changes lives byending loneliness and opening the door to friendship and love for people with learning difficulties.

Registration is £25.00 and we ask for a minimum sponsorship of £150.00.

For more information please call Jim Apted on 01730 711 104 or email:


Naturally Supernatural

Naturally Supernatural, which is happening at the Staffordshire Showground, is run and hosted by Soul Survivor, from 22 to 27 July. It is not just for young people this time but for the entire Church Family!


The Rt Hon Theresa May MP

At a Downing Street reception to celebrate Shrove Tuesday, Prime Minister Theresa May paid tribute to the work of the Christian community.

I am delighted to welcome you to Number 10 and to have this opportunity as Prime Minister to thank you all for the service you give to our country and for the difference you make to so many lives, day in and day out.

There was some discussion about when in the Christian year we might hold this reception. I thought you might appreciate Shrove Tuesday, not just because of its position before the start of Lent – which is such an important time for all of us as Christians.

Today we have on display in the State Dining Room some historical records from Shrove Tuesdays in Britain dating back over 550 years. And I am grateful to Patricia Humphries from the National Archives who has come here today to talk us through them. Although I’m not sure all our pancakes will quite match the Shrove Tuesday feast held in Edinburgh for Mary, Queen of Scots in February 1564!

I am delighted in particular that we have here with us today people from all parts of the church and the United Kingdom – including the Black Majority Churches, the Network Churches, Parliament’s own church, St Margaret’s Westminster, and church leaders such as Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop Sentamu, and the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, who is standing down after more than 20 years.

Can I just say, Richard has been one of the great leaders of the Christian faith in our country – he is not just someone with an extraordinary presence and richness of thought who has in 20 years almost doubled church membership in his diocese and established over 30 new churches. I am sure you will join with me in paying tribute to his outstanding leadership and service – and wishing him well in the years ahead.

As Prime Minister I am hosting an annual reception for each of the main faiths in our country – and this one is of particular importance to me personally.

Growing up in a vicarage, I know first-hand the many sacrifices involved and the hard work that so many of you do, from the services and ministry in your churches to the comfort and guidance you provide to millions in our country at some of the most difficult moments in their lives.

Whether it is visiting the sick or bereaved; delivering faith-inspired projects, like the Christmas Day lunch that I join in my constituency each year; or acting as volunteers and aid workers in war-torn parts of the world – we owe you all a huge debt of gratitude and as Prime Minister, on behalf of the whole country, I want to say a very big thank you.

I also believe it is right that we should celebrate the role of Christianity in our country. We have a very strong tradition in this country of religious tolerance and freedom of speech, and our Christian heritage is something we can all be proud of. We must continue to ensure that people feel able to speak about their faith, and that absolutely includes their faith in Christ.

I also believe that Christianity has an important role to play in making Britain a country that works for everyone.

Now, the Church will not always agree with everything that the government says – and the government will not always agree with the Church. But I think there are many areas where we can work together.

One is in addressing the persecution of Christians and religious minorities around the world which has been mentioned to me by some at the reception here today. It is hard to comprehend that today people are still being attacked and murdered because of their Christianity. We must reaffirm our determination to stand up for the freedom of people of all religions to practice their beliefs in peace and safety. And I hope to take further measures as a government to support this.

For all these reasons, I am delighted that we can take this moment today to celebrate the work that you do – and that we can do so much at such an important moment in the Christian calendar.

In the weeks ahead, as we look beyond Ash Wednesday to Easter, let us draw confidence in our Christian faith. And let us renew our determination to work together in the service of others, today and in the years to come.

So thank you again for coming here and I hope you will carry on and enjoy the rest of the reception.

See the video on Youtube


Dementia Friendly Petersfield

Imagine a town where people living with dementia feel understood and comfortable, a place where more businesses and services understand how to help those affected by dementia, and a group of organisations working together to help make the town truly dementia friendly.

Welcome to Dementia Friendly Petersfield.

The human impact of dementia is enormous and so are the numbers - 850,000 people in the UK are estimated to have a form of dementia, with up to 2,000 people in Hampshire living with the condition.

Dementia Friendly Petersfield aims to increase the awareness and understanding of dementia amongst businesses in the town, so those affected feel more supported by the business and services they rely on.

Businesses make a pledge to enable key staff to become Dementia Friends. This can be done either by attending a free information session, which lasts just one hour, or by watching a video at

Dementia Friendly Petersfield is actively supported by organisations across the town, including East Hampshire District Council, Petersfield Town Council, the Petersfield Post, Hampshire Constabulary, Petersfield Area Churches Together (PACT), Princess Royal Trust for Carers, the Winton House Centre, Dementia Friendly Hampshire, Waitrose and Local Treasures.

Visit the Dementia Friendly Petersfield web site

Christian Holidays

The Christian Holiday People are very pleased to offer you a range of Christian fellowship holidays in the UK and overseas.

Each of our well thought out tours, holidays and breaks gives you the opportunity to share your holiday in fellowship with other Christians. You will be guided by our experienced holiday leaders who, besides the tour itinerary, organise daily times of prayer and worship.

New holidays will be added to the website regularly. If you would like to receive brochures that we publish periodically, please contact us.

We have a reputation for helping people meet and make new friendships on memorable holidays or conferences, friendships which have lasted the rest of their lives.

We are committed to helping you find re-creation in the real sense of the word, both physically and spiritually, through a varied holiday and short break programme of outings, fun activities and times of worship, prayer and fellowship.

Our aim is to promote and extend the Christian faith by offering holidays organised on a Christian basis and without denominational bias.

Neighbourhood Prayer Network

The Neighbourhood Prayer Network aims to see every street in the UK covered in Christian prayer. We hope to encourage as many Christians as possible to be not only pray, but get to know their neighbours. We live in times where with the click of a mouse, we can communicate half way around the World, and yet most of us do not know our neighbours living on our own street.

Most of our streets have people who suffer from loneliness, or social exclusion; there are estimated to be 1.7 million housebound people in the UK who rarely see a relative or friend. Loneliness is epidemic across generations, whether it is single parents, people who have suffered a relationship breakdown, or even children. We believe prayer combined with Christians following the teachings of Jesus and loving their immediate neighbours, could transform our nation and help end this epidemic of loneliness.

Statistically there are at least two Christians living on around 260,000 streets in the UK. Imagine what a difference we could all make if we simply took responsibility for praying for and caring for those living on our own street. Will you join us?

We seek to work with churches across denominations and any similar ministries. See our partner page for details.

We ask Christians to:

  • Pray for their neighbours
  • Care for their neighbours
  • Share their faith with their neighbours (if opportunities present)

Neighbourhood Prayer Network web site

The Filling Station Emsworth

Using monthly mid-week evening ‘celebration’ meetings held in non-church venues we have seen Christian communities grow in depth and numbers where a Filling Station has been opened. The Filling Station offers high quality speakers and teachers, contemporary sung worship and powerful, accessible prayer ministry.

Our meetings are designed to be overtly spiritual but presented in a manner that those outside the church would feel comfortable. Meetings are held monthly and aim to be short, sharp and focused in character. We find many people meet God through these meetings and faith is built up. Many church leaders find then an excellent additional ministry tool.

Emsworth Community Centre
North Street
PO10 7DP

Meetsevery 3rd Friday of each month at 7:30pm
Primary Contact: Grant Pollock, 07818 478679

Christian Flatshare

Christian Flatshare is a website that seeks to bring together those offering accommodation and those who are seeking accommodation. There is no fee for the service and the options are very flexible.

Winton House Centre

Winton House Centre is an independent registered charity. We are based in the centre of Petersfield on the High Street with the aim of supporting the local community. We enable people to come together.

At the Pop-In Tea Room we provide a welcoming and affordable place for you to relax and meet friends, or feel comfortable coming on your own. Our friendly volunteers will make you feel at home.

The information desk holds details about resources and services in and around Petersfield which are particularly useful for older people. You can book transport to take you to GP & hospital appointments and find out about local Age Concern services.

We run games afternoons, a Memory Cafe for those living with dementia, and have a programme of outings for the over 65s.

The rooms and garden are available for hire at very reasonable rates.

We very much rely on our team of volunteers to run Winton House. Do contact us if you would like to find out more about joining the team.


Winton House Dementia Cafe

Winton House, 18 High Street will be running a Dementia cafe on the third Wednesday of the month, starting on 16th March from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. It will be held in the Pop In tea room, with events and support for dementia sufferers and their families.

The cafe is being run by Winton House volunteers with input from the Altzeihmer Society.

Amanda Greenlee:

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Trinity Local

Trinity Local, which is an evening congregation of Trinity Church Liphook, holds a service in the hall of Petersfield United Reformed Church every Sunday night (except the first Sunday of each month ). We started 8th February 2015. Refreshments are served from 6.00pm and the service starts at 6.30pm.

Churches Together with Hard of Hearing People

Churches Together with Hard of Hearing People was initiated, several years ago, by Robert Sanday who, at the time, was the Priest for the Deaf for the Portsmouth and Winchester Diocese. A colleague of Maggie Short, Kay Murray, pointed out to Robert that there were many more people who are deafened (that, is have had speech and have now lost their hearing – but want to stay in the hearing world) than are Deaf (born deaf, living/working in the Deaf world and using sign language) so he expanded his brief.

We started by offering services which were accessible to people with hearing loss – also produced leaflets for churches, detailing simple things they could do to make their services available to people with hearing loss – offering to go and talk to Parish Committees etc. etc. ... mostly, I must say, on the other side of Hampshire.

We were only ever four of us:. Robert (Church of England), Kay (Church of England), John (Baptist), Me (Maggie) (Roman Catholic), and the last few years it has usually only been Kay and me, with sometimes John as well.

Robert’s Bishop then changed his remit and would only allow him one day a week for his work with Deaf parishioners so he had to draw back and retrench – the result is that we have just settled for doing these services that I am asking your support with, at Christmas.

Maggie works with people who have lost, or are losing, their hearing and runs ‘Lipreading and Managing Hearing Loss’ sessions ... one in six of the population have hearing loss – there are a lot of people struggling out there – she is keen that they should know they are not alone, that there is support available.

See her website – although that is not specifically church related of course.

The Acorn healing centre is opening its doors every Wednesday so that anyone can go and spend time there with God.

Tea and coffee are available (50p) and if you staying all day please bring packed lunch. Prayer times 9:00am, 12:00 noon, and 4:00 pm which you can join if you want. The grounds are also available for your use.

For over 30 years Acorn has been helping churches to bring healing and wholeness to people and communities.  Acorn provides people, regardless of their circumstances, background or life choices, with the opportunity to experience the "shalom" that is at the heart of the Christian message.

As well as working with churches, Acorn has trained hundreds of Christians across the UK who volunteer in hospital chaplaincy, police stations, food banks, Street Pastors, in GP surgeries, universities and youth work.

Visit the Acorn Healing Centre web site

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