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St Mary Magdalen Sheet HampshireSt. Mary Magdalen, Sheet

24/7 Prayer

In response to a call from the Archbishop of Canterbury for churches around the world to pray that more people will know the life-transforming love of Jesus Christ (see:, we are arranging a 24/7 prayer event and some prayer walks.

We shall be setting up prayer stations in the church to help inspire us to pray in varied & creative ways.
We are hoping that one or more people will be praying in the church for every hour of day and night for seven days.

You can sign up for one or more prayer slots here: But of course you'd also be welcome simply to come and pray without booking. We'd love to see you.

On Bank Holiday Monday 29th May we are organising two prayer walks both starting from the church at 9.30am.

Please email to say which walk you would like to join and whether you would like lunch.

Happy praying! And I look forward to hearing how you get on.

St Mary Magdalen, Sheet is a village church with a big heart. Our parish includes part of Petersfield and our members come from the village, the town and the surrounding area. We seek to welcome and minister to people of all ages, encouraging one another to grow in faith and maturity and to express our love for God through both traditional and contemporary worship.

We have a heart to equip our members to bring God’s love to people in their homes, schools, streets and workplaces and to pass the faith on to the next generation. We want to make a difference for those who are poor, marginalised or suffering.
We would love to welcome you whether you are unsure about faith and would like to explore or whether you have lived the Christian life for years.

Reveal: Who Are You?

RevealAt Reveal we like asking questions like that. We meet weekly for soup, coffee, pastries, chat, music and reflection.

We don't have all the answers. What we have is a fun and friendly place in which to ask questions and ex0plore the answers together.

Whatever your experience has been - of Life, of God, of Church - come and join us on the journey.

8:00 pm on Wednesdays
Winton House
18 High Street

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