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Life Church Petersfield - LCP

Life Church Petersfield

Life Church Petersfield, formerly Petersfield Christian Fellowship, is a church that has grown and developed over more than 35 years and is a part of the spiritual life of our town. Our vision is to express the life of Jesus in our lives so that others around us will be attracted by Him and be drawn to Him so that they may have their own relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. To put it simply... we want to be like Jesus in our community. To do this we need to be a people who love God, love others, live a holy life and tell others the good news about Jesus.

You would be very welcome to come along to Life Church Petersfield. We enjoy informal worship, a relaxed family atmosphere and good preaching. Our aim to to be always led by the ministry of the Holy Spirit. We want to "be church" rather than go to it, so friendship and mutual support throughout the week are very important to us.

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