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Minutes of the Co-ordinating Committee Meeting held in
The Salvation Army Hall, on Wednesday, 18 November at 7:30 pm

Purpose of Meeting: A forum for ‘communion’ and communication between PACT churches, PACT organisations and local Christians, to facilitate events aimed at increasing opportunities for joint worship, witness and work between PACT churches.

Present: Will Hughes (Chair), Paula Hudson (Secretary), David Barton, Hilary Bonney, Tim Concannon, Rosemary Davies, Brian Edwards, Helen Mason, John Studd, Christine Tully, Lindy Young.

1. Introduction: Rev Will Hughes opened the meeting with prayer.

2. Apologies for absence: Received from Caroline Barton, John Callaghan, Max Cross, Emma Dean, Vanessa Dowse, Peter Hollins, Simon Mason, Linda Read, Richard Saunders.

3. Additional items for discussion. The following requested items to be added: (i) Salvation Army anniversary (ii) Petersfield Herald; (iii) Petersfield Post

4. Minutes for last meeting (9 September 2015): Minutes signed by Chair.

5. Matters Arising: None raised.

6. Report on events since last meeting: No reports given.

7. Accounts: Christine Tully, Treasurer, presented draft accounts for PACT and Holiday Club for YE 30.9.15, explained income and expenditure, and invited questions. It had been agreed a few years ago that issues relating to the accounts should be discussed prior to the AGM, when finalised accounts presented. Subscriptions now paid up to date by all PACT member churches.

Foodbank Bank Account not yet set up so included in PACT accounts, although no money requested by them since changes to Petersfield Foodbank organisation. Holiday Club income reduced because fewer juniors now attend due to other activities in the area for their age range. There had been an overspend this year because expenditure was unchanged or slightly increased. Although this could be accommodated this year because of surpluses carried forward it could not continue. Expenditure could only be authorised where funds available and as expenditure preceded income, they could only be allowed future expenditure if the account had reserves. Chair thanked Jenny on behalf of committee.

8. Chairman’s items:

PACT Chair/Vice Chair: Hilary Bonney suggested that the Chair be shared and Helen Mason and Tim Concannon said they were happy to serve on that basis. (NB As Helen & Simon Mason alternate at PACT meetings this means that either Simon or Helen will officiate with Tim Concannon.) Will Hughes said that it in the past the Ministers had alternated with laity as Chair but he felt that the PACT Ministers should concentrate on the Ministers Fraternal and the laity should run the PACT committee in future under an appointed Convenor.

Helen asked if that met the terms of the Area Churches undertaking that had been signed, and he said he thought it did. Convenor(s) to attend Ministers’ Fraternal to agree future agendas. Issues raised for consideration if ministers did not attend PACT meetings: (i) Contact person for PACT required, also (ii) assignment of responsibility for allocation of jobs to be done for PACT events and (iii) card distribution, and (iv) appointment of Minister for PACT services.

PACT Christmas Card: Copies of the Christmas card were circulated. 2 Churches had not submitted details of services. URC services dates incorrect – they should be one day earler than shown (except Christmas Day), and there is no Outside Journey to Bethleham service at all (shown as 14th Dec 5pm.) John Studd said he would put the corrections on the PACT website.

Christmas Lights and Carols in the Square: Details as below. John Studd will add details to website. The Petersfield Post will print words for carols in paper. Helen Mason requested fliers for this event to be given out at Messy Church (taking place the day before.) Will Hughes suggested that it might be a good idea to merge dates of the PACT Carol Service with the festivities for the turning on of the Christmas Lights in future. He said that St Peter’s hosting 26 Carol Services for different bodies in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Christmas Lunch: Will said there were insufficient volunteers and asked the churches to publicise need and encourage their congregations to volunteer. If any difficulty, contact Hattie Hughes in St Peter’s Parish Office and she will forward names of volunteers. John Studd will put request for help on website – Katie to let him know needs. David Barton suggested approaching Jennifer Robinson who has access to 60 volunteer drivers to ask for help with transport. Issues to be raised at Christmas Day Lunch (CDL) next Tuesday (23rd December.) Problems reaching those who might want to come, particularly in Care Homes, discussed.

Lent Courses: Churches running their own courses and events. John Studd requested details for the website.

Easter Card: As Easter is early next year (Easter Day is 27th March 2016), the Easter cards to be ready for distribution by 1st March. This means artwork for cover needed for printer by 29th January latest. Lindy Young agreed to approach Steep Primary school for a cover design. Jenny Tully arranging packing for 23rd February.

Good Friday: See 10. Below.

Holiday Club: Helen Mason spoke about future of Holiday Club now she and Emma Dean stepping back from close involvement. There is a shortage of volunteers. Max and Susie Cross to be asked if they want to run Juniors again in 2016. Helen suggested they consider an Open Door Ministry with alternating churches hosting activities for mums and younger children for a day each. Messy Church resources could be made available for these activities. Transition planning required.

9. Any Other Business:

Salvation Army Anniversary: Brian Edwards invited everybody to join their 130 year celebrations Praise in the Park with the Fellowship Band of the Salvation Army at TPS next year (see 10.below), and provide a stall.

Churches Information: Petersfield Herald Secretary issued copies of revised information and invited feedback.

Rosemary Davies advised that the Methodist Church at Stamford Hill (under Bordon section) now closed. It was requested that Petersfield Methodist minister’s name be deleted as he only has another year to serve.

Petersfield Post Faith Comment column: John Studd outlined recent problems with missing articles. Will Hughes stressed what a fantastic opportunity this was to write in a local paper from a Christian perspective. It was agreed that in future articles to be sent to John Studd by the copy date, and he will forward the same day. This will enable him to pursue missing articles and submit alternatives id there is a problem. The articles are the most popular item on PACT website. Paula issued draft Rota for 2016-2017 requesting comments.

Fitzroy Society: Will Hughes has had an email from the Society (which deals with disabled young adults and children), who want to send a representative to the February PACT meeting. Helen said she would action if he sent it to her when she and Tim had arranged dates for next year’s meetings. (Contact: Jim Apted.)

Street Pastors: Will had been contacted by Winchester Street Pastors; it was suggested he forward approach to John Ide of PeFtersfield Chaplaincy for reply.

AGM: Will requested that relevant people needed to be reminded of reports needed for the AGM. Secretary unaware of who made these reports. John Studd said last year’s were on the PACT website.



11.          Closing  prayer: The meeting ended with saying The Grace.

Future dates and events:


Wednesday 18 November 7.30 pm  Confirm Christmas Carols and new Chair and Vice Chair, set dates for next year
Friday 27th November                                               5:00 pm
7:00 pm
Town Lights: St Peter’s Living Crib, dressing up clothes box, Salvation Army carols, Community Choir, Christmas Lights switch on.    
Friday 27th November 7:00 pm Free Films at URC: The Theory of Everything
Friday 11 December 7:00 pm Free Films at URC: The 100 Foot Journey    
Wednesday 23rd December 6:00 pm Carols in the Square (6pm Carols through the Town; 7pm In the Square)


Wednesday 13 January   PACT AGM
Sunday 17 January 4:00 pm Celebration Service and introduction of Convenors
Sunday 29 May   Centenary of award of Victoria Cross to Captain Loftus Jones.   He was from Petersfield and died at Jutland when HMS Shark blown up.   Schools  projects.  
Saturday and Sunday 11 and 12 June   Salvation Army  130 Year Anniversary Celebration
11 June in the grounds of TPS: Praise in the Park
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