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Minutes of the Co-ordinating Committee Meeting held in
The Salvation Army Hall, on Wednesday, 10 June at 7:30 pm

Purpose of Meeting: A forum for ‘communion’ and communication between PACT churches, PACT organisations and local Christians, to facilitate events aimed at increasing opportunities for joint worship, witness and work between PACT churches.

Present: Will Hughes (Chair), Paula Hudson (Secretary), Carolyn Barton, David Barton, Hilary Bonney, Janet Colby, Max Cross, Rosemary Davies, Emma Dean, Vanessa Dowse , Brian Edwards, Helen Mason, Linda Read, Richard Saunders, Christine Tully, Marion Voller.

1. Introduction: Rev Will Hughes opened the meeting with prayer.

2. Apologies for absence: Received from Judith Bee, John Callaghan, Tim Colcannon, Andy Hall, Peter Hollins, David Rice, John Studd, Lindy Young.

3. Items for discussion under Item 12. The following requested items to be added:

(i) Hilary Bonney – PACT Social Concerns Group (Foodbank, Christmas Day Lunch); (ii) Brian Edwards – Service Listings in the Petersfield Herald; (iii) PACT Secretary – email from Evangelical Church

4. Minutes for last meeting (25.3.15): Minutes agreed – to be signed later by Chair.

5. Matters Arising: None raised . David Rice unavailable to speak re. Foodbank but see items 9 & 11.

6. Report on events since last meeting:

Hustings Will, who hosted the Hustings meeting of electoral candidates at St Peter’s, said it had been well attended and all had taken part in a good spirit. The Press had queried why there had been no questions about Defence and the NHS, but the candidates had been asked the questions submitted in advance by the public and there had been no questions on these topics.

Spring Bank Holiday Band had been excellent, but Linda Read said the Salvation Army musicians would not be available for the Autumn Bank Holiday due to people being away. Musicians from other churches also away on holiday, and amplifiers are not allowed. Will said the parable sketch had gone down well at a previous event & could LCP provide another as an alternative to music, as the meeting was unwilling to give up the churches’ slot. Helen undertook to enquire, although this clashed with camp for young people.

Messy Church Next one would be last till September. Holiday Club – see below.

7. Accounts: Christine Tully, Treasurer, said this was a quiet time of year in accounting terms but she had received donations for the Foodbank (see below for changes) and £10 for Christmas Lunch.

8. Holiday Club: Arrangements Registration for Holiday Club now open. Numbers should be known by July. Sue Shipton from LCP taking on role Helen Mason had undertaken in previous years –Sue knows TPS site staff. Only problem that TPS bringing crane on site for building work which will restrict movement round site. Helpers for Juniors needed. Time ministers can speak TBA. Arrangements on track.

9. Chairman’s items

PACT Chair/Vice Chair: Will reminded the meeting that traditionally the Chair was taken in alternate years by ministers and laity. He asked members to consider volunteering to be next Chair.

PACT Pilgrimage Note: dated incorrectly on Agenda - should be 4th & 11th July. Each church is putting out publicity in church magazines, newssheets etc. Rosemary Davies from Methodist Church (David Rice, Methodist Minister, co-ordinating event) requested figures for catering by 30th June & that churches did not accumulate forms submitted in their church offices but forward them straight away.

Foodbank: Brian Edwards retiring from Foodbank later this year & was thanked for his wonderful work. First meeting to set new arrangements held 1st June, David Rice co-ordinating. 8 helpers needed, 33 people came to meeting & 20 signed up as helpers. Next meeting 20th July – Linda Read to liaise re. 3-4 week handover between David & Brian. Committee discussed new storage arrangements – Salvation Army hopes to acquire additional land & offered a Portakabin on that site after August. Members enquired re. cost (£1000 approx.) & offered suggestions for & contributions of financial help. Chris Tully said there were £2672 in PACT unrestricted reserves in response to query from Hilary Bonney. Linda expressed concern over ownership of Portakabin in 5 years time if paid for by PACT. Will to give Linda details of contacts at District & County Council levels where funds available for community projects. URC reps David & Carolyn Barton offered secure storage in 2 empty sheds available at URC in the interim while awaiting provision of Portakabin. They will raise issue with URC elders. Linda’s garage also available, but not Brian’s summerhouse. Hilary raised the wide contact list that Brian had that identified those in need, which covered area larger than Petersfield. Brian happy to be on new committee & share information but he was unavailable on 20th July. Linda offered herself, Steve Field & Brian to serve/join committee. Will said there were 2 other local committees providing for people in need, and he was keen for these to merge/be re-arranged to make best provision for current needs (eg one dealing with Foodbank, the other with Financial Provision.) Separate Bank Account to be set up.

Soup Run: Linda keen to continue though numbers using this provision low. More people had volunteered to help, and she felt this was a vital contact for people needing to talk as much as eat.

August Bank Holiday Festival – Sunday 30th August 2015 11am See item 6. Above.

Ecumenical Tea: Follow up event to Pilgrimage. Date agreed 20th Sept. 3pm. Venue TBA – possibly St Peter’s Hall. Will proposed small discussion groups of people from different churches round tea tables. Discussions to be co-ordinated by PACT representatives from this committee using a series of pre-prepared questions Event to be publicized beginning Sept. Every-one to wear name badge & to sit with people they didn’t know.

PACT Christmas Card: It was decided to ask Herne Junior to design Christmas 2015 card. Max Cross will be there tomorrow. Guidance needed: John Callaghan had attended lesson in art department to ensure designs suitable. Deadlines were discussed: need shortlist October for final choice at following meeting; bundling around 18th November & printing 3 weeks before that. Salvation Army & Methodist venues unavailable for bundling this year so alternative will be required. Will said he had amended the invitation in the Easter card from one to join the Walk of Witness to one to Easter service, & Easter Sunday services had record attendance.

Website: John Studd was concerned that as he is away in Canada at present the website would get out of date. Will said there was a need to cover absences and to do succession planning.

11. Any Other Business

Churches Information page in Petersfield Herald: Brian brought extract from the Herald with errors highlighted. Individual churches had tried to amend their entries, without success. Will said better to submit whole new entry for all churches (Petersfield & Alton) as Herald would probably accept revised page. Secretary to prepare, asking for revised entries to her by 31st July. Will to provide contacts to secretary for churches not in PACT & for Alton entries. Will asked members to provide information that won’t change, given the difficulties getting amendments to individual entries.

Petersfield Post Faith Comment Rota: Sid Shearing from the Evangelical Church had emailed that Petersfield Evangelical Church was merging with Hope Church as a Petersfield Congregation from July. Hope Church Greatham will continue as before. The committee agreed to substitute Hope Church Petersfield for Petersfield Evangelical Church in the 2015/2016 rota. Will was in discussion with Hope Church, Jim Downey of Trinity Church (was IPC Liphook – now meeting at Petersfield URC Sun eves) & the Quakers (meeting at the Physic Garden) about PACT membership. Will to provide secretary with contact details. PACT comprises 7 out of 10 of the Petersfield Churches.

Social Concerns Group: Hilary Bonney asked for this committee to be kept in the loop re. Foodbank developments as they had contributions in 2 main areas – the Foodbank & Christmas lunch, as well as organising bundling of PACT Christmas & Easter cards. They usually met just before the PACT co-ordinating committee to highlight areas of concern in Petersfield – eg teenage pregnancy, police problem with ASBOs, - and discuss how churches can meet local needs. The committee felt this was a valuable forum and encouraged each church to be represented. Will said the new Foodbank committee (see above - item 9) of 8 comprised posts including convenor, & those for liaison with churches, liaison with volunteers, training, finance, admin, liaising with agencies making referrals.

Gravetalk: A C of E resource dealing with end of life issues had been trialled by Judith Bee at her church in Buriton & was recommended to PACT to do as a group. Will to email secretary details. Lesina Ashfield from LCP has taken over arrangements for bereavement counselling meetings from Beth Woodgate, who was being installed as Vicar of Ringmer, E Sussex, on Monday 15th June 2015.

13 Closing prayer: The meeting sended with saying The Grace.

Future dates and events:


Saturday 4 July TBA Pilgrimage visit to all PACT Churches
Saturday 11 July TBA Pilgrimage visit to all PACT Churches
Sunday 30 August 11:00 am
to 11:50 am
August Bank Holiday in the Square - all welcome  
Wednesday 9 September 7.30 pm  Discuss Christmas card and Carols in the Square
Sunday 20 September 3:00 pm Ecumenical Teal
Wednesday 18 November 7.30 pm  Confirm Christmas Carols and new Chair and Vice Chair, set dates for next year


Wednesday 13 January   PACT AGM
Sunday 18 January   Induction of new Chair at Service for Christian Unity
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