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Minutes of the Co-ordinating Committee Meeting held in
The Salvation Army Hall, on Wednesday, 11 February at 7:30 pm

Purpose of Meeting: A forum for ‘communion’ and communication between PACT churches, PACT organisations and local Christians, to facilitate events aimed at increasing opportunities for joint worship, witness and work between PACT churches.

Present: Will Hughes, John Callaghan, Brian Edward, Rosemary Davis, Peter Hollins, Simon Mason, Carolyn Barton, Christine Tully

Apologies: Richard Saunders, Lindy Young, Max Cross, Judith Bee, Tom James, Hilary Bonney, Linda Read, Emma Dean

1.Introduction and prayers: Will Hughes

2. Apologies: as above

3. The minutes were approved and signed

4. Additional items not on the agenda, Lady Margaret fund provides a taxi fund, it is not the same as the voluntary drivers.
5. Matters arising, changes regarding the Soup run and two dates were made.

6.. Carols in the Square: Brilliant, Christmas lunch extremely good lots of good conversation. Many thanks to Marika and Katy. The Unity service was beautiful but there was a low turnout. Perhaps we can stir up all our churches to work together in a deeper way. AGM punchy, Christian Aid soup lunch raised over £600 and 75 attended.

7. Lent Leaflet: Everyone was very impressed by the Lent leaflet and thanked John Studd

8. Easter cards and services: moving along well. Will showed the committee the four finalists and everyone expressed their opinion. Printing should be ready for sorting Monday March 9th. Good Friday 3 April. Perhaps we could have more crosses in the procession.

9. Holiday club 2015: will be run by Max and Susi Cross backed by Emma who will do set up work. It will take a Messy Church format. We need to hunt for locals to take lead in future years.

10. New Events:As Chairman Will would like to introduce two new events to help the churches get to know each other.

11. Change of Date for PACT Committee Meeting: 18 March to 25 March.

12 a Real Easter Egg company: Available with a lovely Easter story book - £4.00,Details on the web site:

Jerusalem Peace light, Scouts particularly will attend a service which has a focus on this light of peace. Can be arranged anytime, Peter Hollins to take forward.

12b . Finance: Hon treasurer reported that insurance has been paid. We shall give a donation to Butser Home start. Cap letter was received and whilst approving of their work we know Petersfield does not fit their profile.

13. Closed the grace

13. Proposed Future Dates and Events

14. The meeting closed with everyone sharing in The Grace


Monday 9 March   Bundling of Easter cards at Salvation Army
Wednesday 25 March   7.30 pm  Confirm Easter Arrangements and Spring Bank Holiday Service in Square Sunday 25 May – Spring Bank Holiday in the Square 11-11.50 am
Sunday 24 May 11:00 am Spring Bank Holiday Service in the Square - 11:00 to 11.50 am:  all welcome  
Wednesday 10 June 7.30 pm  Confirm Holiday Club and August Bank Holiday Service in Square, select school for Christmas card design
Sunday 30 August 11:00 am August Bank Holiday in the Square - 11:00 to 11.50 am:  all welcome  
Wednesday 9 September 7.30 pm  Discuss Christmas card and Carols in the Square
Wednesday 18 November 7.30 pm  Confirm Christmas Carols and new Chair and Vice Chair, set dates for next year


Wednesday 13 January   PACT AGM
Sunday 18 January   Induction of new Chair at Service for Christian Unity
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