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Minutes of the Co-ordinating Committee Meeting held in
The Salvation Army Hall, on Wednesday, 12 Novemberat 7:30 pm

Purpose of Meeting: A forum for ‘communion’ and communication between PACT churches, PACT organisations and local Christians, to facilitate events aimed at increasing opportunities for joint worship, witness and work between PACT churches.

Present: John Callaghan (Chair), Paula Hudson (Secretary), Carolyn Barton, Hilary Bonney, Tim Colcannon, Rosemary Davies, Brian Edwards, Peter Hollins, Linda Read, John Studd, Simon Mason, Christine Tully, Lindy Young.

1. Introduction: John opened the meeting with prayer.

2. Apologies for absence: Received from Judith Bee, Emma Dean, Vanessa Dowse, Will Hughes, Helen Mason, Richard Saunders.

3. Items for discussion under Item 12. The following items were added to the agenda: Soup run; provision of teaching in English as a Foreign Language; Accounts; Rota of Churches providing articles for the Petersfield Post.

4. Minutes for last meeting (10.9.14): Carolyn Barton had sent apologies for absence for the last meeting which had not been noted. With this amendment, minutes agreed & signed by Chair.

5. Matters Arising: None raised.

6. Report on events since last meeting:

Remembrance Sunday As the Chairman was absent from the service in the square last Sunday, he asked for feedback. Appreciation was expressed by many of Will Hughes’ leading of the service and his talk. John Studd noted that there were too few marshals, including chaplains, to ensure that access from the square was cleared as the clergy led the way to the War Memorial. John Callaghan noted this for action next year.

7. Accounts
On 9.11.14 Chris Tully had emailed the PACT accounts & Holiday Club for YE 30.9.14. The Chair asked for any questions or comments. Explanations of figures in the accounts were given as below:

PACT Holiday Club:

PACT Accounts: Expenditure decreasing due to: fundraising by Marika at the Good Intent which had raised a lot of money towards the Christmas Lunch, and the Waitrose Green Token scheme has also contributed funds. Leaflets that used to be printed now emailed. Craftbank ceasing. £50 was received from Foodbank to compensate for increased insurance costs to cover its operation. At the Christmas Lunch funds were raised for The King’s Arms. Additional funds enabled support to be given to homeless. The Chair thanked the Treasurer & undertook to convey thanks to Mr Town.

Food Bank: Brian Edwards said that the Foodbank was doing well, having support from Waitrose with a nationwide collection, from a project by Bedales 6th form, and from the Bishop of Portsmouth with a generous £750 donation. There was a planned interview with Radio Solent (broadcasting details requested).

8 Chairman’s items

King’s Arms. The Chair recommended the website for the impressive list of activities, including support for young carers and the autististic & their families, and invited visitors. He asked the committee if they would ask their churches to confirm the amount they intended to give over the next few years, & when it would be given, as this would assist Caroline Lacklison with planning & fundraising. He thought 3% of the £100,000 running costs were provided by PACT, and would like to see this rise to 10%. After discussion further clarification of the sums received was requested. John Callaghan said that following the abortive application to build new premises at the Avenue, locals who had been consulted in that area about the proposed development had come forward to support the King’s Arms, including help with identification of other sites. A building committee was needed and he asked the churches to put forward members.

PACT Chair/Vice Chair. The next PACT Chair will be Will Hughes; no Vice Chair has yet been appointed.

PACT Christmas Card. John Callaghan requested book tokens as prizes for the winning card and the 3 runners up, totalling £50, from the Treasurer. He said the art project at TPS to produce the design meant he had the chance to explain the Incarnation to TPS pupils who took part in the competition. He will deliver cards to the Salvation Army building in time for bundling on Wed 18th November.

Christian Week of Unity Helen Mason had sent study booklet she & Patsy Robinson had prepared for the Unity week to church leaders for consideration. Ministers will discuss at Fraternal on 13th November 14. They need a venue: St Peter’s prayer room suggested.

Carols in the Square. 7pm Thursday 18th December. Proposal to meet at 6pm at St Laurence’s Church & process to the square singing hymns was accepted. Drinks & mince pies to be provided at St Peter’s. Each church to bring 1 or 2 dozen mince pies to St Peter’s at 5.30pm, if St Peter’s would agree to open up the church & allow use of their kitchen facilities. LCP would set up, man the kitchen and clear up. John Callaghan to confirm these arrangements with Will Hughes.
Venue for AGM Wed 14 Jan and Unity service Sun 18 Jan 4:30pm As Will Hughes will be the next Chair of PACT, it was felt that it would be appropriate to hold services at St Peter’s, as normally this takes place at the Chair’s home church. John Callaghan to confirm with Will Hughes.

Lent Courses. The Chair requested ministers get back to him with details of Lent Courses. Peter Hollins said that it was too early & these were not yet available. It was stressed that a co-ordinator was still needed to chase for details to go in a leaflet. Alternatively, each church could put details of their individual courses in the PACT Newsletter.

9. See above, item 8: Christian Week of Unity

10. Website John Studd has sold the company that set up the PACT website, but is still maintaining it. However, it has been more difficult to update email addresses on the contacts lists. Costs will reduce as he is not charging for his services.

11. Any Other Business

Soup Run Operated by Salvation Army in the Square on Mondays (7-8.30pm) since March, but in need of more volunteers. (A minimum of 3 or 4 is required for insurance purposes.) It was suggested they ask for help in the PACT Newsletter. Their permit from the Council continues to December. New volunteers to contact Linda Read, but they will need to have CRB check organized by their own church. There are reported to be 10 homeless people in Petersfield.

English as a Foreign Language Peter Hollins said that they were intending to run classes in the new year – dates to be confirmed. It was suggested that he approach the schools to advise them as they may know of children who are translating for their parents. The Library may also may be able to help with information. Eg what foreign language books are being borrowed. Hilary Bonney also able to notify possible contacts.

Petersfield Post Rota Some copies of the revised rota were circulated for comment. After the loss of the Friday Focus column in the Petersfield Herald, the opportunity was taken to distribute dates more evenly. With the loss of the Unity Bookshop, suggestions were invited for other contibutors. Simon Mason suggested St Mary’s Bramshott – he will speak to the vicar. Froxfield Church was mentioned but as it was linked with All Saints’ Steep it was felt that they may have enough slots to fill.

Christmas Dinner Hilary Bonney said they were now fully subscribed with volunteers.

12. Proposed Future Dates and Events

Thursday 18th December 6:00 pm Meet @ St Laurence for carols & process to Square for 7pm service of Carols in the Square, followed by refreshments @ St Peter’s
Wednesday 14th January 7.30pm     PACT AGM
Sunday 18 January   4.30 p.m. Service of Prayer for Christian Unity
Wednesday 11 February      7.30 p.m   Plan for Easter card, walk of witness, Lent studies and Holiday Club    
Monday 9 March   Bundling of Easter cards at Salvation Army
Wednesday 18 March   7.30 p.m  Confirm Easter Arrangements and Spring Bank Holiday Service in Square Sunday 25 May – Spring Bank Holiday in the Square 11-11.50 am
Sunday 25 May 11:00 am Spring Bank Holiday Servicein the Square
Wednesday 10 June   Confirm Holiday Club and August Bank Holiday Service in Square, select school for Christmas card design
Sunday 31 August 11:00 am August Bank Holiday in the Square
Wednesday 9 September   Discuss Christmas card and Carols in the Square
Wednesday 18 November   Confirm Christmas Carols and new Chair and Vice Chair, set dates for next year
Wednesday 13 January   PACT AGM
Sunday 18 January   Induction of new Chair at Service for Christian Unity

13 Closing prayer

Members of the committee thanked John Callaghan for his Chairmanship of these meetings, and he closed in prayer.

11. Closing Prayer

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