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Minutes of the Co-ordinating Committee Meeting held in
The Salvation Army Hall, on Wednesday, 30 October at 7:30 pm

Purpose of Meeting: A forum for ‘communion’ and communication between PACT churches, PACT organisations and local Christians, to facilitate events aimed at increasing opportunities for joint worship, witness and work between PACT churches

Present: Peter Hollins (Chair), Linda Cawsey (Secretary), Judith Bee, Hilary Bonney, Rosemary Davies, Brian Edwards, Paula Hudson, Simon Mason, Richard Saunders, Christine Tully, Lindy Young.

1. Introduction: Peter opened with prayers for those being persecuted for their beliefs. Paula Hudson from Life Church, who was attending as an observer, was welcomed to the meeting

2. Apologies for absence: Received from Carolyn Barton, John Callaghan, Tim Concannon, Vanessa Dowse, Andy Hall, Linda Read and John Studd.

3. Minutes for 4th September 2013: Agreed and signed.

4. Matters arising: Members who had visited the Beliefs Project at the Petersfield Museum agreed it was to be recommended and was well worth a visit. Workshops with schools were being undertaken by the Museum.

The Chairman reported that Buriton Primary School had produced a number of cards for judging for the PACT Christmas card and a winner had been selected. He would liaise with Judith Bee in respect of presenting gift tokens to the winner at the school in December once the card had been printed. Judith was thanked for her assistance in liaising with the school.

There was nothing further to carry forward at the moment in respect of local church led dispute resolution.

Also, there was nothing further to report in respect of offering a local CAP Money course. Richard reported that the Anglican churches were being encouraged to be involved in credit unions but no local initiative was intended at the moment.

Upon further investigation, it had been found that bereavement counselling to support parents whose child has died was available via The Bereavement Counselling Charity.

Rosemary reported that 9 reservations had been made for a Christmas bookstall to be provided by Unity Bookshop during the Christmas period.

5. Treasurer’s Report: Christine Tully presented the annual accounts for year ended 30th September 2013 which are subject to audit and to be approved at the AGM in January. Following the resignation of one church from PACT, some churches’ annual subscriptions were revised from 1st October 2012 but the overall figure remained unchanged.

The main items of expenditure were the printing of the cards for Easter and Christmas, annual insurance and maintenance of the PACT website. The Food Bank reserves were ring-fenced but held within the PACT accounts. Similarly a late donation from Waitrose for last year’s Christmas lunch meant that there was currently a surplus on this account. Overall the PACT accounts were in a healthy position. There was some discussion about whether the Food Bank donations should attract Gift Aid. However, as PACT was not a charity, and donations to the Food Bank needed to top £5,000 before reaching charitable status, it was felt it was inappropriate for the time being.

In response to a question from Judith, Christine assured the meeting that Holiday Club was not underfunded with some churches contributing directly to the event and the remainder (approx. two-thirds of the cost) coming from fees charged to participants. The bulk of the cost of the week was the payment to TPS.

6. Christmas Lunch: Hilary asked that the PACT website be amended to show that the lunch is ‘overseen’ by the Social Concerns Group but not organised by them. Katie Wigley is the organiser and Maria Kyjovsky is the chef. The next planning meeting is Thursday, 14th November at 12.30 in St. Peter’s Church and all churches are asked to send a church representative.

Each church has been asked to provide something towards the lunch e.g. crackers, decorations, chocolates etc. Waitrose have asked whether they can support the lunch as part of their nationwide promotion. However, there are sufficient funds in the account from last year and this has been brought to the attention of Waitrose in case they would prefer to support another lunch outside of the area.

The final deadline for names is 11th December and volunteers are required to host tables together with drivers either to take or collect people attending. The Udall family has agreed to provide the musical entertainment.

7. Lent Groups: Simon reported that he had met with Rosemary and Tom James to discuss the Lent programme which ideally they would like to be finalised in time for the leaflets to be handed out at the PACT AGM on 14th January. However, the Committee accepted that this may not be realistic as Easter (and therefore Lent) is later next year. Rosemary has suggested an appropriate replacement for the York Course for house groups’ use and Barbara Ward will be approached to see whether she would be prepared to host/lead a group. Christine Tully has offered to run another Kesher Course and John and Liz Studd have also offered to run another house group course.

Churches are asked to let Simon have details of their Lent programme as soon as they are finalised. Ruth Field has kindly agreed to produce the Lent leaflet again.

8. Chairman’s Items: Peter will liaise with the Petersfield Post to ensure the carol sheet for Carols in the Square is printed in their 18th December edition. He will also print additional sheets of the carols to be sung to be brought to the Square and ensure that Steve Field has details of the carols prior to the event. The Committee will arrange refreshments in St. Peter’s after the carols and each church is asked to provide a dozen mince pies (shop not homemade). Simon will bring the red collection buckets from LCP.

It was agreed to ask Caroline Lacklison to give a presentation on the work of The Kings Arms at the start of the PACT AGM.
Ditcham Park School would be approached to see whether they would like to produce the Easter Card for 2014.

Terri Thewlis has asked Peter whether PACT would be interested in hosting an evening of Christian Jazz in the Square. Peter will go back to Terri to suggest she might like to organise it. The Committee were enthusiastic subject to hearing more details. It was suggested a hog roast might also be included as part of the event.

Richard asked whether the music licence for the Bank Holiday Festivities could be changed to allow acoustic accompaniment prior to the current start time. This would allow the churches to provide a wider choice of music for their 12-1p.m. services at the Spring and August Bank Holiday Sunday Festivals. It was agreed to approach the organisers but it was also felt care should be taken as this might lead to the church slots being downgraded.

9. Proposed Future Dates and Events

10. Any other business:
10.1 Social Concerns Group – As Chair of the Group, Hilary Bonney queried with the Committee their views on the purpose of the Group. She was reassured that it was seen very much as a ‘think-tank’ searching out local social concerns and bringing them to the attention of the churches. It was agreed it would be helpful if all the churches were represented on the Group (currently representatives from six churches attend).

10.2 Welcome Pack – Richard asked whether there was any intention of producing a welcome pack for new residents of Petersfield. It was explained that previous attempts had not been successful due to the continuing need to update the information and find people prepared to deliver the packs. It had largely been superseded by the PACT website and there was currently no intention to produce a joint church pack. Richard explained that St. Mary Magdalen was proposing to produce their own pack for their parish.

11: Closing Prayer – The Grace.

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