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Minutes of the Co-ordinating Committee Meeting held in
The Salvation Army Hall, on Wednesday, 31st October, 2012, at 7:30 pm

Purpose of Meeting: A forum for ‘communion’ and communication between PACT churches, PACT organisations and local Christians, to facilitate events aimed at increasing opportunities for joint worship, witness and work between PACT churches.

Present: Rosemary Davies (Chair), Linda Cawsey (Secretary), Judith Bee, Hilary Bonney, Tim Concannon, Brian Edwards, Joanna Farrell, Andy Hall, Peter Hollins, Will Hughes, Tom James, Regi M., Jeanette Richardson, Richard Saunders, John Studd, Christine Tully, Lindy Young

1. Introduction: Rosemary opened with a reading from Luke 9 v10-17 followed by prayer.

2. Apologies for absence: Received from David Barton, John Callaghan, Simon and Helen Mason (John Studd representing LCP), John Owen, Linda Read and Suzanne Tong. Tim, Regi and Richard were all welcomed to their first Co-ordinating Committee meeting.

3. Minutes for 5th September 2012: Agreed.

4. Report on events since last meeting: Some 30-40 people from Petersfield had attended the Global Day of Prayer at Wembley. The latest Engage event had taken place on 25th October when Juliet Nasuuna from the Olympic Praise Bus had spoken of her experiences and also about Project Shalom Uganda which cares for orphaned and vulnerable children. Juliet is hoping to return to Petersfield in 2013 for a fundraising concert in aid of Project Shalom with proceeds to be shared with another charity – possibly IMC. The 12/7 Prayer Initiative had also taken place the previous week.

5. Treasurer’s Report: Christine Tully presented the annual accounts for year ended 30th September 2012 which are subject to audit and to be approved at the AGM in January. Following the resignation of one church from PACT, the churches’ annual subscriptions would be revised from 1st October 2012. No church had made representations about the revised figures. Very few items were self-funding leading to a shortfall which was met from the subscriptions. The main items of expenditure were the printing of the cards for Easter and Christmas, annual insurance and maintenance of the PACT website. The Food Bank reserves were ring-fenced but held within the PACT accounts and had received a generous donation of £1,000 from Portsmouth Diocese. Similarly some late donations from last year’s Christmas lunch would be made available for this year. Overall the PACT accounts were in a healthy position.

6. Christmas Lunch: Hilary reported that they now had a chef, co-ordinator and venue for this year’s Christmas Day Lunch. Katy Packett from St. Peter’s had offered to act as Co-ordinator and would be contacting the churches to seek assistance. Tom would be available to help and attend the lunch on Christmas Day. John would help with seeking volunteers via the website.

7. Lent Groups: Rosemary reported that the Lent Group Sub-Committee had met and were now at the information gathering stage. They hoped to have come to a decision about the study literature by the end of this year.

8. Christmas 2012: The card had been printed and would be bundled for distribution on 23rd November at the Methodist Church. Carols in the Square would be held on 20th December at 7 p.m. St. Peter’s had been booked for refreshments and venue in case of inclement weather. Each church was asked to contribute one dozen mince pies (bought please not home-made). Will would ask the St. Peter’s team to help with refreshments. It was agreed that an offering should be raised whilst taking refreshments.

9. PACT Chair and Vice Chair for 2013: After some discussion it was agreed that nominations would be sought by email and via the PACT website for both Chair and Vice Chair for the coming year. The date for nominations was set at 1st December. Electronic voting would take place if there were more than two candidates. There would be a Service for Christian Unity during the Week of Prayer at St. Peter’s on 20th January at 4 p.m. The two appointments would then be confirmed at the AGM on 23rd January at St. Peter’s at 7.30 p.m.

10. Prayer Impact: John explained the background to Prayer Impact in Petersfield. The new national initiative of Neighbourhood Prayer Network worked on similar lines and offered some resources which could be used for the re-launch of PI next year. It was agreed that John find some volunteers to assist him with reviewing PI and report back to the Committee early next year.

11. Bible Story-telling: Rosemary brought the Committee’s attention to resource material available for churches to use in schools as part of a national initiative for bible story-telling.

12. Christian Comment in the Petersfield Post: Linda reported that following the Post’s change of ‘Christian Comment’ to ‘Religious Comment’, the editor had agreed to amend the name to ‘Faith Comment’. PACT would continue to co-ordinate the rota for contributions.

13. Proposed Future Dates: Froxfield is celebrating 150 years since its dedication this weekend. Portsmouth diocese is keen that churches undertake a local major initiative for Pentecost next year (this could be a PACT event).

The following are provisional dates subject to the agreement with the next Chair of PACT

14. Any other business: Brian reported that Waitrose were holding a national initiative with shoppers contributing food for Food Banks outside their stores on Saturday, 24th November and 1st December. John would email website subscribers seeking help with collecting the food and placing it in trolleys between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. The churches would also advise their congregations of the need for help. Brian’s contact details are on the PACT website. The Committee thanked Brian on behalf of the Salvation Army for their ongoing work and support for the Food Bank.

Joanna described how Froxfield Green was fundraising through selling its own Christmas card with some cards being sold through the charity shop in the library via Cards for Good Causes. It was agreed that this might be worth pursuing for 2013 with a number of PACT churches designing their own cards (but with the same middle and back pages) and to have them printed jointly and sold via the Cards for Good Causes as a way of fundraising.

15: Closing Prayer: The Grace.

Minutes of other meetings

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