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Minutes of the Co-ordinating Committee Meeting held in
Winton House, Petersfield, on Wednesday, 10th November 2010, at 7:30 pm

Present: Jean Dowdeswell (Chairman), Sue Bone, Hilary Bonney, John Callaghan, Linda Cawsey, Steve Field, Brian Keys, Helen Mason, Simon Mason, Linda Read, Christine Tully

1. Introduction and Bible Reading: Jean read Psalm 46 and led the meeting in prayer.

2. Apologies for absence: Dominic Clarke, Emma Dean, Rob Dewing, Joanna Farrell, Tony O'Mara, John Owen, Linda Read, Patsy Robinson, Suzanne Tong.

3. Minutes of the last meeting (22nd September): These were approved and signed by the Chairman.

4. Items for discussion under Item 14: Publicity Officer

5. Matters arising: Jean reported that the Unity Bookshop can make up packs of books to be used by churches to take orders, etc. Steve is to write to other members of the Christian Aid Committee to say that PACT is looking for someone to take on the role of co-ordinator for Christian Aid. Sally Smith was mentioned as a possible volunteer but would only be approached after Steve had written to the Committee.

6. Reports on events since the last meeting: There had been two Engage events, one at the Festival Hall when seventy-eight people attended and one at TPS where over two hundred people attended to listen to Canon Andrew White, the Vicar of Baghdad. John would be interested to have any feedback from the churches about either event. The Chairman thanked John for organising these two events.

6a. Accounts: Christine submitted the accounts for the year ending 30th September 2010 which showed a healthy surplus to carry forward. The subscriptions appeared to be double those for 2009 but this was due to the change of the year end. Christine went through the various events that had taken place and explained the figures for each.

The question of the craft resources was raised and it was reported that Brenda has a list of representatives from each church authorised to obtain supplies from the source in Portsmouth. A specific person must be nominated and they will require photo identity when purchasing items. Please could all churches have a nominated representative who is aware of the facilities available and check that Brenda has the correct person on her list.

Linda raised the cost of the Engage events which, at the moment, Life Church were covering. Everyone expressed their gratitude for this. It was resolved that £150.00 per Engage event would be paid to John towards the costs. After discussion it was agreed that the subscriptions for the next year (2010/11) could remain the same, even allowing for the extra £450.00 for three Engage events.

7. Christmas cards: The cards should be ready on the 19th November and Brian asked if Steep could have six hundred cards and leaflets and Froxfield two hundred. He will contact Jean about collecting these prior to the meeting arranged for the 25th November when other churches will get together to package the cards up.

8. Lent Courses: Jean explained that she would be having a meeting with Steve and Rob very shortly to produce further information.

9. Holiday Club: Helen presented a report that she and Emma had prepared. This proposed splitting the Club into two sections: the under 8s and the over 8s. The under 8s would need to have a parent or nominated adult who could bring up to five children. The over 8s would not need to have a parent or nominated adult present. Helen explained that they had decided not to have a committee: she and Emma would allocate the various jobs. Helen is exploring the possibility of changing the venue to Churchers' College from TPS. Everyone expressed satisfaction with these proposals and Helen will report any progress at subsequent meetings. The Club will be held between the 1st and 5th August 2011.

10. Induction service for new Chairman: This will be held at St. Peter's, on Sunday, 23rd January 2011, at 6.00 pm (time to be confirmed). John stated that, as yet, no decision had been made about a Vice Chairman.

11. Correspondence: None

12. Proposed future dates and events: John reported that The King's Arms had now reopened in their old premises following the fire and that a pamphlet was being produced giving details of the organisation. He asked for volunteers to attend monthly prayer meetings there.

Date and Time Venue Event
Thursday, 9th December 7.30 pm The Festival Hall Saltmine Theatre Company's Production of "An Angel's Delight"
Sunday, 12th December 6.30 pm United Reformed Church Worldwide Candle Lighting for Lost Children
Monday, 13th December 6.30 pm Mary Magdalen, Sheet Carol singing in Ramshill estate
Thursday, 16th December 7.00 pm Carols in The Square Each church to provide 24 mince pies to be delivered to St. Peter's before the carol singing. Steve is to provide red collecting buckets, one to be placed in the church.
Wednesday, 22nd December 7.00 pm United Reformed Church Carols in the Church Garden
Saturday, 12th February 2011 7.00 pm The Festival Hall Engage
Thursday, 9th June 2011 7.00 pm The Festival Hall Engage
Thursday, 6th October 2011 8.00 pm The Festival Hall Engage

Henry had reported to Jean that preparations for the Christmas Day Lunch were proceeding well. He needed musicians and helpers on the day. He had arranged for certificates to be issued to the food preparers by the manager at Winton House. (These certificates will cost £3.50 each which the Committee agreed to pay.)

He had arranged training, for those involved in the kitchens with food preparation, by way of a video obtained from the manager at Winton House. Certificates could be obtained for those who answer a questionnaire. (These certificate will cost £3.50 each which the Committee agreed to pay.)

Steve reported that the Salvation Army were celebrating their 125th anniversary in Petersfield during 2011 and various events were planned.

13. Future meeting dates:

14. AOB: Jean felt that there was a need for a Publicity Officer and she was prepared to fill this role. Everyone gratefully accepted this offer. Jean thanked Linda for all her work for PACT as this was her last meeting.

15. Closing prayer: John led the meeting in prayer.

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