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Minutes of the Co-ordinating Committee Meeting held in
The Salvation Army Hall on Wednesday, 22nd September 2010, at 7:30 pm

Present:  Jean Dowdeswell (Chairman), Judith Bee, Sue Bone, Hilary Bonney, John Callaghan, Linda Cawsey, Emma Dean, Rob Dewing, Steve Field, Brian Keys, Helen Mason, John Owen, Joyce Perry, Linda Read, Patsy Robinson, Suzanne Tong, Christine Tully

1. Introduction and Bible Reading: Jean read from 2 Corinthians, Chapter 4, which had been included in the service for consecration of Peter Hancock as a bishop at St. Paul's Cathedral.

2. Apologies: Peter Barnett, Joanna Farrell, Father Hollins, Terry O'Mara.

3. Visit of Joyce Perry of from the Social Concerns Group: Joyce spoke on the history of PACT which was formed in 1992 after the meetings of the Petersfield Council of Churches. Various groups were set up to consider different aspects of Christian work and the Social Concerns Group was the only one of the original groups still running. She explained that the Group looked at what could be done to help with various needs in Petersfield and had been involved in setting up, for example, the local branch of Causeway Prospects and the Contact Centre (also now a national organisation) for those involved in divorce. The Group was currently considering action on the food bank, the drug problem in schools and local facilities for older people. She mentioned the Christmas Lunch and Jean introduced the letter from Henry Marshall. Everyone was delighted that he was prepared to take over the organisation of the lunch. The training of volunteers (in Food Hygiene) to assist with the Christmas Lunch was discussed and the possibility that the Manager at Winton House could help was suggested. Linda Read was looking into other possibilities re Food Hygiene Certificates; Helen said that Community First also run courses. Jean is to inform Henry that we are all very pleased that he is taking over this role.

4.Minutes of the Meeting of 16th June 2010: These were considered, approved and signed by the Chairman.

5. Items for discussion under Item 15: Crusaders, training for working with children, Christian Aid.

6. Matters arising: None

7. Report on Events since the last Meeting:

Jean reported on the farewell events for Stuart Madden and Canon Hetherington, Judith Bee's induction service at Buriton and the service for Father Hollins at St. Lawrence's. Helen said that a reasonable number had attended the first meeting of Messy Church since the summer break. Rob felt that Messy Church needed some more publicity and this will be considered by Helen and Emma.

8. Welcome Leaflet: Jean will look at this again.

9. Christmas card and leaflet: Jean had contacted Sheet School about designing this year's card. It was agreed that information on all church services will be sent to Brian by Wednesday, 27th October. Would all church representatives please ensure that this deadline is met.

10. Lent courses: After discussion it was agreed that Jean, Steve and Rob would consider this and come up with suggestions.

11. Holiday Club: Over 200 children had attended this year's Club in July and it was considered a great success. In 2011 the dates will be the 1st to the 5th August. Helen suggested that perhaps the format should be changed so that the under 8s would attend with their parents (or suitable adult) and the over 8s would carry on as before. (This would mean that there would not be a crèche.) Helen and Emma are to consider the best way forward and report at the next meeting.

12. Newspaper articles: Linda Cawsey advised that articles appeared every week in Christian Comment in the Petersfield Post in a good position on the letter pages but only if the person who had agreed to be responsible for that date submitted the article and this did not always occur. Once a fortnight, the Petersfield Herald also carries an article and, again, the agreed submission is not always made. The position of the article in the Herald is always uncertain. Everyone considered that the articles were very worthwhile but Linda was concerned that the Post might not carry on publishing them if they were not regularly submitted as agreed. All churches are asked to make a greater effort to ensure that their agreed correspondents do submit their articles.

13. Correspondence: The Petersfield Christian Ecology Group had asked if anyone would like to join their Group. Jean had had discussions with representatives of the Unity Bookshop who would like all churches to encourage the use of the bookshop as much as possible as conditions were still difficult.

14. Proposed future dates and events:

Day and Date
Location                                              Time          Event
Thursday, 23rd September United Reformed Church 7:30 pm    The first session of the new Alpha course
Saturday, 9th October The Festival Hall  8.00 pm Engage
Tuesday, 12th October St. Mary Magdalen, Sheet 8.00 pm First of three talks on Faith and Science - also on 3rd November and the 8th December
Friday, 22nd October Churchers College 7:15 pm Home Start Butser are organising a concern by Free Radicals (unaccompanied choir) with a meal, tickets costing £15.00
Sunday, 31st October United Reformed Church 5:00 pm a BRIGHT Party for 5-10 year olds
Monday, 1st November TPS Main Hall 8:00 pm Reverend Andrew White, the Vicar of Baghdad, will be speaking
Friday, 19th November The Square 6:00 pm Switching on the Christmas Lights with a concert to be given by St. Peter's choir and the Salvation Army band in The Square (proceeds in aid of Children in Need)
Thursday, 9th December Festival Hall 7.30 pm Saltmine Theatre Company: An Angel’s Delight”
a Christmassy production with a Christian message
Thursday, 16th December The Square 7:00 pm Carols in The Square
Tuesday, 21st December Methodist Church 3:30 pm Messy Church


    Petersfield Churches’ Iona Visit. More information will be available shortly. PACT supports this

15. AOB:

16. John Callaghan closed the meeting with prayer

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