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Minutes of the Co-ordinating Committee Meeting held in
The Salvation Army Hall on Wednesday, 16th June 2010, at 7:30 pm

Present:  Jean Dowdeswell (Chairman), Hilary Bonney, Linda Cawsey, Steve Field, Brian Keys, Simon Mason, Tony O’Mara, Patsy Robinson, Christine Tully.

1. Introduction and Bible Reading: Jean read from Psalm 103 continuing the praise which came from Engage.

2. Apologies: Maggie Burton-Page, John Callaghan, Emma Dean, Rob Dewing, Gerard Hetherington, Helen Mason, Simon Mason, Terry O’Connor, John Owen, David Stickland, Suzanne Tong. Tony O’Mara reported that Maggie Burton-Page was now doing well following her stroke.

3. Minutes of the Meeting held on 14th April 2010: After inserting the words “from different churches” after “leader” in the last sentence of Item 8, the Minutes were approved and signed.

4. Items for discussion under Item 12: Treasurer’s statement and Christian Book Club

5. Matters arising: Nil

6. Report on Events since the last Meeting:

7. Welcome Leaflet: Jean and Terri will be working on this and hope that it will be ready for printing in the Autumn.

8. Partnership/Linked Organisations: After consultation with all the organisations, the following has been agreed:

Partnership Organisations       Linked Organisations

Causeway Prospects

Alpha Course
Holiday Club Christian Aid
Holiday Club Home Start Butser
Petersfield Christian Ecology Group In Ministry to Children
Petersfield Counselling Service Petersfield Housing Association
Prayer Impact Petersfield Society for Special Needs
Social Concerns Group Petersfield Care Group
The King’s Arms Positive Parenting
Unity Bookshop Tearfund
Youth Work Support Team  

Brian is to send the list to John Studd for the website.

9. Church Links with PACT Groups: No further information.

10. Correspondence: Jean reported that she had had meeting with Suzanne regarding the PACT Newsletter and this would now come out bi-monthly. The items to be covered in the next few editions were agreed.

11. Proposed future dates and events:

Day and Date Location Time Event
Sunday, 4th July Salvation Army Hall 5.00 pm Farewell to Stewart
Wednesday, 14th July    12.00 noon       Home Start Butser’s AGM
Sunday, 5th September St. Laurence's Church    Canon Hetherington’s leaving event
Saturday, 9th October Festival Hall 8.00 pm  Engage
Thursday, 9th December Festival Hall 7.30 pm Saltmine Theatre Company: An Angel’s Delight”
a Christmassy production with a Christian message
2011     Petersfield Churches’ Iona Visit
More information will be available shortly. PACT supports this

12. AOB:

Minutes of the last Meeting (14 April 2010) were signed by the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer to be presented to the bank with identification papers for change of signatories.

13. Jean closed the meeting with prayer

Minutes of other meetings


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